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Nowadays with Web 2.0, open source frameworks are becoming more and more popular. Ruby on Rails is now one of the most popular web frameworks on the European market. Its advantages are obvious: a software developer can program quickly and easily using the model-view controller architecture and the scaffolding, such as in modular system web applications. Ruby on Rails is perfectly suited to already create prototypes in the early phase of the project and to integrate flexibly into the code modules and plugins.

But these supposed benefits have also their problems: older versions of Ruby on Rails often suffer from security issues, much like similar framework applications. Therefore, more and more companies are relying on the support of a professional Ruby on Rails developer.



Ruby on Rails was originally developed by David Heinemeier Hansson from Denmark for the web application Basecamp, and later extracted as open source framework.

Ruby on Rails version 1.0 was introduced to the market in December 2005 and has been continuously developed since then.

There is now a fairly large community of Ruby on Rails developers on the European market, but the demand far exceeds the number of highly qualified and resource-saving software developers. Clients are therefore faced with a dilemma: opt for a less skilled Ruby on Rails developer and possibly risk a security hole in the programming of their Web application? Or compete for one of the industry superstars and drain your bank account? Or rely on outsourcing4work!

High quality, low rates and excellent security standards

outsourcing4work offers you a third and far better solution. Together with our long-term partner companies based in the world’s largest outsourcing-market, we open the way for our clients to access a virtually unlimited selection of highly qualified Ruby on Rails developers. They are familiar with all features and problems of the open-source frameworks and develop safe and spy-free Web applications through the use of code reviews, penetration testing and other Web-based tools for our clients. And all this at especially low rates.

More security, less risk with outsourcing4work

outsourcing4work offers you, along with our in-depth cooperation on the Indian market, more security:

  • Our German and English speaking project managers are your contact for any questions or problems, as well as your point of contact to our Indian employees. They can advise you during business hour either in person, on the phone or by email.
  • We are an established service company that guarantees its clients European legal certainty and contracts in German or English.
  • We ensure the successful cooperation between our clients and our Indian Ruby on Rails developers by only cooperating with reliable and qualified employees, and by fully implementing our clients’ needs.
  • You only pay once you hire a Ruby on Rails developer. The consultation is absolutely free of charge.

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