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How powerful is your software really? Even if it runs very well and is very much in demand, there can be a catch: some good software fails due to its own success. If 20,000 users suddenly want to log into the application at the same time, even the best software might crash. Are you really sure that your software can withstand these high numbers of users? Performance testers are needed: performance testing is the right way to determine just how reliable an application is. A highly qualified performance tester will find out for you if your software is really ready for the market.

Performance testers check the performance of your software

Performance testing provides clarity about where problems can come from and whether the hardware is really compatible with the software.

outsourcing4work can support you in various ways with its qualified software testers for performance testing. In this way the data transfer rate is selected as a parameter, meaning that a measure of the performance of the amount of data that can be processed by the software in a given time is crucial. For web applications other parameters are important, such as the amount of time a user has to wait until they receive the result of their query. The response time is the sum of the browser response time, network response time and server response time. A performance tester can bring you more success with this.

More performance for your software – with outsourcing4work

Furthermore, load tests in the framework of performance testing of software projects predicts how large a user load can be, which can affect the behaviour of the system. A load test generates a high system load, which is either generated by simulation of multiple simultaneous users or by fast repeating processes or actions of an individual user. A performance tester runs these load tests over longer periods of time. The time the system needs for the user query is then measured, whereby the number of users who are accessing the system at the same time is then set. The reliability of the system is tested by these tests. In contrast to the load test, there is no fixed number of parallel users in the stress test, but the system under test will be taken to its limits. The load is increased in a short period of time until functional errors occur or a previously defined performance limit is permanently exceeded. A performance tester is responsible for problem-free operations.

In the field of software testing, we offer also various other services in addition to performance testing:

  • Performance test
  • Manual test service
  • Unit test
  • Compatibility test
  • Test automation
  • Function test
  • Code review:
  • Security testing
  • Game review
  • App test
  • SAP testing
  • and many more

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outsourcing4work provides its clients with knowledgeable software testers from India who have many years of experience, and are affordable and extremely professional. All of these performance testers have a degree in computer science and have at least three years’ work experience in international projects. With the security of a European company, we offer outsourcing made in germany. European project managers assist you with communication to India. Do you have any questions? Then get in touch with us. We look forward to your call!