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For successful and well-arranged shops:

OXID developers for European clients

OXID Shop is a shop software that is becoming more and more popular. The e-commerce platform is especially well-suited to medium and large product assortments, as the modular architecture and the Omnichannel Solution makes complex sales and interactive ordering processes possible.

Thanks to the ever-growing community of OXID shop users the demand for qualified software developers is constantly growing. However, excellent OXID developers are not so easy to find on the market.

Good quality or low rates:

OXID developers from Outsourcing4work offer you both

There is already a large amount of excellent shop software developers, although the majority of them are specialised in more profitable and popular shop systems like Shopware, Magento and xtCommerce. It can be hard to find a specially trained OXID developer on the market. As a result of the discrepancy between supply and demand their rates are often much higher than other shop software developers.

This creates a fundamental problem for companies – they need to choose between quality and cost. You however have three options to choose from:

Either go without hiring a qualified OXID developer, or put your Shopware into the hands of someone less experienced, or compete for one of the few highly qualified experts. At Outsourcing4work there is no either/or. You get quality with us, and at especially low rates. Our sophisticated and long established Outsourcing concept ensures this for you.

The recipe for success for your company:

Outsourcing made in germany

Outsourcing made in germany. works just as efficiently. We combine the legal advantages and qualities of a European service provider, with the low rates and human resources of the Indian market. The subcontinent has more than three million software developers and is the world’s largest pool for IT professionals. Many of them specialised in OXID Shop software during or after their studies.

Outsourcing4work carefully chooses its Indian professionals to ensure that you only work with qualified OXID developers.  We also work closely with partner companies in India to propose software developers who fit your requirement profile. We guarantee you that your exact needs will be met. In addition we expect that our OXID developers fulfil specific criteria. Not only do they need to have many years of experience and a high level of professional expertise in OXID Shop, but they also need to have soft skills such as reliability and good customer service. This expertise includes a basic understanding of front and back ends, as well as in-depth experience in PHP and MySQL.

Try us!

Outsourcing4work knows how difficult it is to decide on the right OXID developer. This is why we want to support our clients in the decision-making process. Call us, send us an email or visit us in our office in Weiterstadt. We would like to know more about you, your company and your employee needs. Once you have given us a brief description of what you need, we will respond within 24 with a first-class, reliable assessment. And maybe just a few days after our conversation you will be welcoming your new OXID developer into your team.