Other programming languages needed?

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Programming languages are the most important tool for developers to customize a web page, an application or an app. Every year hundreds of new programming languages are developed around the world and are brought to the IT market. But only a few of them will prevail. And for a good reason: the popular operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux only use a few selected programming languages for programming their applications.

For other software manufacturers, web agencies and other companies, the top programming languages are very popular, as the web provides a variety of codes, libraries and frameworks for them free of charge, and makes it much easier to program. However, C#, C++, Java and PHP also have their limits, especially when it comes to the development of very specific application software. Other programming languages then become a good alternative. Therein lies the problem for many companies: developers who specialize in other programming languages are rather rare on the European market, and they usually demand high rates for their work.