Crafted by Node.js developers: modules for Each Case

Node.js is a server-side JavaScript implementation which was developed in 2009 by Ryan Dahl and has received more and more attention since then. The focus of this open-source framework is on highly efficient, asynchronous I/O, i.e. the integration of external resources, such as the file system or the network.

As members of an extremely active community, Node.js developers never tire of developing new modules, which mean that there are nowadays several modules available for virtually every application – from the integration of databases via the communication of various protocols, up to video and audio programming.

Node.js developers for complex web applications

If you are looking for a developer who can develop complex and highly scalable web applications such as push services, then you are in the right hands with a Node.js developer. They will show you the possibilities they can offer you in the design of streaming, web real time and single page applications that are very popular nowadays. For a highly qualified Node.js developer, there is no such thing as a requirement that is too demanding. Thanks to their education and qualifications, they are able to realize individual challenges in projects and implement stable solutions. You can hire a developer yourself and incur legal and financial obligations, a lack of flexibility and higher fixed costs in purchasing. Or you start a task with an external Node.js developer and run the risk that you are not working with a real professional who keeps to quality standards.

We’d like to introduce : the software developers for your project

Or you take advantage of our business model: outsourcing made in Germany. We support clients like you in Europe with offshore outsourcing. We ensure that you find the right Node.js developer through us, one who will meet your requirements for the implementation of your project. Professionalism, knowledge and quality are the most important aspects of our work.

At outsourcing4work we only cooperate with reputable and renowned partner companies in India. Our partner companies on the subcontinent in turn only employ highly trained, experienced and tenured employees. The Node.js developers that we provide have a degree in computer science and bring a wealth of experience with a background of working on international projects for at least three years.

This is only an overview of the many advantages that you will benefit from as a client of outsourcing4work:

  • Project managers based in Europe who speak German and English.
  • The project language is German and English, the project manager is available during European office hours.
  • Our contracts are in German or English, and based in the European legal system.
  • Maximum flexibility for clients because our Node.js developers are permanently employed at our partner companies in India.
  • Absolutely no administrative or social security obligations for you as our client. We take over the care of our Node.js developers.
  • A fully transparent business model from the start. Only the hours actually proven to have been worked are billed, or alternatively your project can be completed at a fixed price.
  • Continuous documentation of the objectives reached and the current state of the project.

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No matter what project you need a Node.js developer for, get in touch with us and you can soon welcome a knowledgeable employee to your team. Briefly describe your needs to us and we will offer you the best options for your project.