Feel free to call a MongoDB developer huge

The name of this schema-free document-oriented database in C++ comes from the word ‘huMONGOus’, which lead to: MongoDB.  And the name is then set for your developer!

Since it was released in 2009 for the first time as a ‘multi-purpose database with an open source code’, MongoDB developers in various projects have benefitted from its advantages, such as scalability, performance and high availability. Nowadays it is one of the market leaders among databases.

MongoDB developers carry a lot of responsibility

Security is a top priority for every MongoDB developer, regardless if your database project involves planning and installing new applications or migrating existing software applications to MongoDB. And this is not only since the security problems were discovered in 2015, which allowed access to protected MongoDB databases.

Reliable developers are very well informed and up to date with regards to sufficiently protecting the data of your company, customers or employees. Skilled developers are very well aware of what it would mean for you if highly sensitive customer data such as credit card information would fall into the wrong hands.

Trust is good, control is better

With us you won’t have to depend on the promises of unknown freelancers to ensure that your data is sufficiently protected. Freelancers can drop off the radar from one minute to the next, and what can you do if large security gaps show up in your applications? The freelancer is long since gone.

The MongoDB developers we would like to introduce you to are permanently employed at our reputable partner companies in India, and will support you professionally at the highest level. Thanks to their many years of computer science studies and extensive international experience they will not only excellently implement your project, but can also assess the security risks for your company at a glance.

Our business model outsourcing made in germany. offers you incredible advantages:

You remain flexible and hire a MongoDB developer either as a member of your entire team to develop a specific project, or as a temporary or dedicated employee. A dedicated employee will work only for you. And you will not need to deal with any social security or insurance matters!

You will save costs! The developer that will be used in your project will receive an appropriate wage by Indian standards, yet one which is still lower than the salary of a MongoDB developer in Europe.  This lets us offer you excellent value for your money.

You will always have an overview of your Indian developer’s progress. A German or English speaking project manager will support you during European business hours and will keep you informed on all developments. They will be your contact partner to keep you up to date.

You will not take on any additional risks. We ensure this with German or English contracts based in Europe.

Take advantage today

If we have raised your interest, we look forward to hearing from you either by email or by phone. Get in touch today so that we can soon support you with a qualified MongoDB developer!