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iOS is the most widely used operating system in the world for mobile devices such as tablets, phablets and smartphones after Android.  Even the Apple Watch introduced in the beginning of 2015 uses the iOS operating system. As a result, it’s compatible with other Apple devices like the iPhone, the iPad, the iPad mini and the iPOd touch.

Another advantage is that the operating system of the Apple Watch, the Apple iOS, was further developed for its needs and was supplemented by additional features such as the software development kit “WatchKit”. This resulted in a multifunctional iOS smartwatch whose apps can be developed with the Xcode and OS X development environments.

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for professional iOS smartwatch apps

To develop elegant yet functional apps for the iOS smartwatch, you should only use professional software developers. Most of the app developers on the European market lack a basic understanding of the smartwatch and its properties. Many of them underestimate the size of the very small screen and the product’s mobility, and develop confusing and uneconomical apps.

Another problem is that the few available professional iOS smartwatch developers are in very high demand and usually only work for high rates. Although this is not a problem for large companies, it can bring smaller companies to the brink of existence. You now have to make a choice: rely on a less professional iOS smartwatch developer, or do you spend additional financial resources and use one of the industry stars?

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At Outsourcing4work you won’t have to choose between quality and your resources. Our proven offshore Outsourcing model is specialised in providing top Indian IT developers. We combine the advantages of both markets, meaning you will have the legal certainty and the quality of a European-based company with the low rates of the world’s largest Outsourcing market. India offers access to a huge number of employees – but that’s not all that we offer our European clients.

Our flexible Outsourcing models make it possible for you to use offshore IT specialists. You decide if you want to use only one, two or an entire team of app developers for the iOS smartwatch. It’s also up to you if you would like to take them on long term or on a project basis in full or part time capacity. As our client, you also choose the payment method (fixed-price or hourly) and the project language (German or English). You will not find this level of flexibility with any other Outsourcing company.

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