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HTML5 is the name for a standard that is the basis for the creation of a modern website. Since every smartphone has a browser to surf the internet, every device supports the HTML standard. Therefore, it’s not possible to develop apps with the help of web technologies.

The advantages of HTML5 apps is that the HTML5 code only needs to be written once and then can be used on all mobile devices – no matter if it is iOS, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry. In comparison, native apps have to be designed individually for each operating system – the code is then matched to the respective system and then only works on one platform.

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HTML5 apps are similar to websites that need to be loaded within an app storage. And because they are websites, they have no access to the functionality or the control elements of the system – the HTML5 app has to take care of a lot itself. The decisive advantage of HTML5 apps is they are usable on all platforms and ensure a higher range in a relatively short time.  In addition, with native apps you will have to have a developer with the necessary knowledge for every platform.

HTML5 apps depend on the experience and knowledge of the developer who should implement the app: does the developer have a lot of experience with web technologies, especially HTML5 apps?

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