Firebird Developers

Inspire Your Company’s Databases

Firebird is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS) and has been used by companies since 1981 (partly under other names). Firebird developers are well-known and popular due to the fact that it is stable, reliable and low-maintenance.

Firebird is available on all major platforms, including Windows, Linux, Solaris and MacOS, and meets all demands that are made on modern transaction oriented RDBMS.

Firebird Developers Fly in Information

Choosing a particular data management system can be complex and difficult, and it is a decision that nobody can make for you. Although Firebird is not the simplest RDBMS to use, when it comes to learning and control, it is an excellent choice for use in your company. No matter what size your project, Firebird is equally suited for jobs small and large, due to its high level of scalability.

However, you will definitely need an experienced Firebird developer if you want to set up a project based on this database. Thousands of developers around the world are involved as members of the Firebird Open Source Project for the active development of Firebird. As a result, highly qualified developers are always informed on how to create the most modern and stable databases for your specific needs.

These developers are also the ones who ensure that your data, which is stored and used in databases, is safe from hackers or other attacks. Data security is an important issue nowadays for any software developer.

The Firebird Community Is Everywhere

The ambitious developers of the Firebird community are scattered all across the world, so it should not surprise you that we, as an established IT outsourcing provider headquartered in Germany, would like to introduce you to our especially skilled Firebird developers from India!

India is the largest outsourcing market in the world, and the location where we have the best contacts in reputable companies that provide these highly qualified developers. Thanks to our business model ‘outsourcing made in Germany’, we can introduce you to flexible developers for your projects, who have successfully completed their studies in computer science and have at least three years of experience on international projects.

This allows us to offer you special price advantages. We offer different models depending on what requirements you have for your project. You can choose between a project at a fixed price, a temporary Firebird developer, or a dedicated employee for the specific work on your project.

All at no risk! We take responsibility for successful implementation and at the same time guarantee prices that other European companies cannot compete with. Although the developer is in India, you will always have an overview of the project from the German and English speaking project managers. The project manager is available on demand during European office hours and is in regular contact with the developer so that there is no communication breakdown.

Let us Give You More Information

Does this sound interesting? Get in touch with us by email or telephone, and give us a brief description of your project. We can then share with you how outsourcing4work will let you share in the impressive advantages of outsourcing made in Germany.