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Nothing happens without them: .NET developers in the Windows world

For the programming and execution of Windows applications, Microsoft developed run time, class libraries, programming interfaces and utilities which were introduced as the .NET framework in 2002. Nearly every year since has seen a new release, and there is no end in sight to its development, thanks to the steady growth of .NET.

This success has been both a blessing and a curse. .NET developers make up a large portion of free working developers, and are sought after for countless Windows apps. New features and additions to the framework require continuous further training and only the best .NET developers can guarantee perfect working results.

Good Networking Skills: .NET developers Are Team Players

The .NET framework leads to a close cooperation of all those involved in the development. From business process design to executable applications, specialists share complex tasks and work together on your solution. Thus, a .NET developer must not only be an excellent worker, but must also be a team player, have great communication skills and be reliable – as well as understand every step of the process. In other words: a good .NET developer sees the big picture and the finer details of their work at the same time.

Success From Quality: Start Your Project With

.NET Developers From Outsourcing4work

Outsourcing4work provides clients in Europe with offshore Outsourcing. The difference between other service providers and ourselves is that we do not consider the resulting cost benefits to be the main goal of our work – although they are an added benefit for our clients. The most important aspect for us is the knowledge and quality of our employees, and their contributions to the success of our clients. Outsourcing4work therefore only works with reputable and renowned partners in India, the world’s largest Outsourcing-market, for this reason. In turn, you only employ highly trained, experienced employees who are employed on a permanent basis.

This potential is complemented by our special risk protection for clients, which includes the following services, among others:

  • European-based project managers who speak German and English
  • Project languages that are German or English, European work and office hours,
  • German or English contracts based on European law,
  • Maximum flexibility for clients because our .NET developers are employed at our partner companies.
  • There is no administrative work to be done by the clients – we are in charge of supporting the .NET developer.
  • A completely transparent business model. Only the actual working time and the proven work is invoiced (or alternatively, you can have a fixed-price project).
  • You receive continuous and current information on the targets reached and the current status of the project.

Outsourcing made in Germany offers you all of this. This enables us to meet the specific requirements of the European market.

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Whatever the project or task you need a .NET developer for, you should try out Outsourcing4work. You can only benefit from our knowledgeable employees, Outsourcing advantages, and our risk protection. Briefly describe your requirements and we will provide you with the best options for your project. We look forward to your call!