ColdFusion developers for dynamic applications

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ColdFusion (also known as CF) is a so-called “middleware” from Adobe systems for web-based scripting languages and databases. It was originally developed by Allaire (then Macromedia) in 1995 for the creation of dynamic web content.

In the meantime, ColdFusion has become especially popular in e-commerce and is used to develop strong web and mobile applications for high traffic. With ColdFusion every company, regardless of their industry, is likely to increase their visibility and sales thanks to complex, database-driven applications.

Professional ColdFusion developers can’t be replaced

We all agree: to achieve a convincing result, you need a professional ColdFusion developer who can support you in your new website, or in the development of specific web or mobile applications. You can’t rely on just anyone for powerful and user-friendly applications.

But do you know why?

Can there be anything worse than a website that does not show your products or company at its best, or a user-friendliness that leaves something to be desired?

Actually, yes there is: security vulnerabilities in your web and mobile applications! What all web and mobile application developers cannot forget when using ColdFusion is that when you store potentially sensitive data such as credit card details or personal information on the application: security is the number one priority! Only a highly qualified ColdFusion developer can provide sufficient protection. A ColdFusion developer is the only person you can rely 100% on when it comes to the data of your customers!

Minimise your risks with software developers from India

outsourcing4work provides you with all the advantages of outsourcing such as reduced fixed costs in the blink of an eye with a highly qualified ColdFusion developer. This developer will support your project from the initial conception up to the live launch.

And it will all be completed with European contracts (based in the European legal system), with the quality that you are used to in Europe.

Benefit from the software developer’s great education (completed computer science degree) and their extensive experience (at least three years in international projects) which we can offer you through our reputable partner companies in India. These specialists are not only creative and reliable; they know how to keep your project up-to-date in terms of security throughout each stage.

After nearly 20 years on the market we have extensive experience in providing European based companies with the benefits from our business model outsourcing made in germany. We give you more flexibility that any other provider. Based on your needs, you decide if you would like to hire an entire team for a specific project, or if you would like to have a ColdFusion developer as a temporary or dedicated employee. A dedicated employee will work exclusively for you on your project.

You will also have a German and English speaking project manager by your side to keep you constantly up to date on the current progress of your project.

We will show you

If you would like to redesign your website with the help of a knowledgeable ColdFusion developer, or if you would like to put your existing products in the right light with dynamic web and mobile applications, we are happy to show you how.  Get in touch!