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BlackBerry was long regarded as a pioneer in the development of smartphones and mobile solutions. But the company was outdone by innovative Android and iOS devices. With the newly redeveloped BlackBerry OS 10 operating system and a unique multitasking function for smartphones, BlackBerry is hoping to recapture its success, and it seems to be working. More and more European companies are relying on their tried and trusted business partner BlackBerry Mobile.

Rising demand:

developers for BlackBerry mobiles are back on top

The great success of the new BlackBerry OS 10 operating system is also affecting the BlackBerry Mobile developers. They are once again becoming some of the most sought after software developers on the market – but that’s the problem. There are relatively few qualified developers for BlackBerry Mobile. And that is not without reason: because Android and iOS developers were so in demand over the last few years, only a few developers specialised in the development of BlackBerry Mobile apps, especially for the new operating system. In addition, the salary and hourly rates of a BlackBerry Mobile developer are far below the rates that other specialised app developers charge.

A huge selection of excellent BlackBerry Mobile developers

With Outsourcing4work you will no longer have to fight for the few qualified BlackBerry Mobile developers on the European market. We offer you a real alternative: Outsourcing made in germany. You are able to use external employees from the world’s largest Outsourcing market in India – at low rates.

Our Indian BlackBerry Mobile developers have a huge amount of expertise in BlackBerry MDS, BlackBerry J2ME and many other data system and software tools. They develop special BlackBerry software solutions, multimedia apps, instant messaging apps, business and business solution apps, B2B and B2C apps and many other applications. You choose what your requirements are, and we will find the perfect BlackBerry Mobile developer in cooperation with our long-term partner companies in India.

Our offshore Outsourcing concept: hundred per cent quality, zero per cent risk

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Outsourcing4work. That’s why we do everything to ensure that the collaboration between our clients and our Indian IT employees is problem-free. And to ensure this, we offer you some security:

  • You will have a German and English speaking project manager available to you in our office in Weiterstadt to answer any questions or solve problems either via email, on the phone or in person.
  • Outsourcing4work is an established European company which offers its clients European contracts based in the European legal system.
  • We only work with qualified, experience and reliable software developers. Your satisfaction is very important to them as well as us.
  • Our advice is completely free of charge. You only pay once you actually take on one of our Indian software developers.

We are waiting for you!

Let us be a part of your success and start taking advantage of offshore Outsourcing today. Briefly describe your project to us and we will find you a suitable BlackBerry Mobile developer as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!