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Have you ever wondered how, when showing a football game, a line or a circle can appear on the screen during a free kick? Or how a newscast can seemingly merge a video clip with computer graphics?

This is an augmented reality developer’s job. They are the ones who develop augmented reality, also known as “enhanced reality” or “AR”, meaning that they develop a simultaneous interaction of perceived and computer-based reality. They ensure that you can easily and conveniently see computerized additional information at the same time as the actual footage or pictures.

Augmented reality developers

are close to their clients

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your products could virtually exist in your customers’ homes – even before they get in touch with you?

Augmented reality makes it possible. Professional augmented reality developers are not limited in the areas of activity and project directions where they can put their talents to use.

There are already AP apps in furniture stores in the augmented reality market, with simple steps that allow clients to see pieces of furniture directly in their own home on their tablet or smartphone – correctly proportioned and accurately placed, as if by magic.

Tourists already use trusted AR apps developed by augmented reality developers which give them an overview of every new city, complete with more information on sights to see, restaurants and hotels than any tourist information ever provide.

You’ve never been so close to your customers!

Impressive AR apps for your customers

with our augmented reality developers

Amaze your customers with professional and modern augmented reality apps which show the best side of your business, and bring you closer to them! You will give your customers a real added value in addition to your already existing services and products! Every project can benefit from an augmented reality developer.

Outsourcing4work will support you in finding exactly the right augmented reality developer who will reliably and knowledgeably complete these tasks.

And with special cost advantages for you! A German and English speaking project manager will remain your direct contact person throughout the duration of the project while an augmented reality developer works on your project, one who is permanently employed at one of our reputable partner companies. Our developers have successfully completed a computer science degree and have at least three years of experience in international projects.

Together with contracts in German or English and based in the European legal system, you will be able to concentrate fully on the implementation of your project. We take over all administrative and insurance issues related to the employment of the augmented reality developer. You will only pay for the actual working time of the augmented reality developer, and no breaks or down times

Immerse yourself in augmented reality

Get in touch with us by email or telephone, and learn more about how an augmented reality developer from Outsourcing4work can put your company into the right light. We look forward to hearing from you!