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AngularJS – often referred to as Angular for short – is an open source framework from Google. AngularJS allows you to create single page web applications according to model view architecture in HTML as well as JavaScript. The big advantage is that the software development and the testing of components can be made simpler with AngularJS.

Consulting, design and development of complex internet solutions on the basis of AngularJS: Outsourcing4work can offer you all of this – your Outsourcing made in Germany.

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The use of AngularJS framework offers many opportunities for programming and development. AngularJS is based on the generation of HTML views and the extensions of the vocabulary of HTML, through which functionality can be extended. AngularJS treats data validation in the context of entry forms as functionality of view, in which the idea of HTML 5 form validation is continued and implemented in JavaScript through AngularJS, which is web browser independent. AngularJS defines a client-side model together with the logic into a controller. The controller is then combined in a module and the modules are bundled into an application. This is done using a built-in dependency injection container, wherein the view is connected with the model. This data connecting works in two directions – that is, user input will affect the model, both programmatic changes to the model, but also the user view.

AngularJS allows the creation of user defined HTML elements and HTML attributes called directive.

The framework is so practical that is can be difficult to find professionals who truly know it inside and out. And this is where Outsourcing4work comes in: we allow you to have planning security, economic success and short development time thanks to the targeted placement of AngularJS developers from India.

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We support customers from throughout Europe with offshore Outsourcing. We do not only prioritize the cost advantages for our customers – although they are a nice plus for our clients. We see ourselves as strategic partners for our clients and therefore place high value on the professionalism, expertise and quality of the IT professionals we contract out. The knowledge of our staff contributes ultimately to the success of our customers – this is what we find most important for customer loyalty.

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Outsourcing4work only works with reputable and renowned partner companies in India, which is the world’s largest Outsourcing-market. In turn, our partner companies on the subcontinent only employ highly trained, experienced and permanently employed employees. We hire out these professionals to you: perfect for your AngularJS project, tailored to your specific requirements and needs.

This cooperation with Outsourcing4work offers you many advantages: you will have European contact partners who provide the contact to the Indian software developers and keep your ideas and requirements always at hand. As a result, there will be no language barriers. Your contact person with us will be available during European office hours, and the contracts are based in Europe. For our clients in Europe it is an ideal solution: they take no risks, do not need to permanently take on their own developers, do not need to rely on freelancers who might not even have the necessary qualifications. Andwith our Outsourcing made in Germany solutions are completely flexible, and they can be adapted as needed to peaks in demand as well as lulls.

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No matter for which project you need an AngularJS developer: it is well worth is to try Outsourcing4work. You will definitely be at an advantage with our knowledgeable employees, our attractive conditions and risk protection. Describe your requirements briefly to us and we will offer you the best options for what you need. We look forward to meeting you. Trust us!