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Agile Softwareentwicklung

The best results in no time: Agile software development

Agile software development has been steadily becoming more and more widespread, due to the method and the related processes that offer development teams freedom and flexibility. The development teams can then use this to implement complex development project with short time frames and budget limitations. Outsourcing4work has experienced project managers for Agile software development, as well as professional software developers.

As flexible as you need: Agile software development with Outsourcing4work

Around the turn of the millennium, developers realized that the classic methods of software development were too cumbersome for many applications. Attempting to completely describe the requirements and objectives of development projects before implementation often completely failed due to the growing complexity of these projects. Agile software development allows changes in requirements and development objectives, as well as necessary interventions in development processes at any time. Complex projects are broken down into manageable planning and development phases and test their results against existing development goals. The results of these tests lead to adjustments and targets for the next phase.

Agile software development therefore ensures that all findings during development be considered just as the changed or expanded requirements of the clients. Many clients opt for Agile software developer for this reason, as a best practice for the realization of their projects.

Outsourcing4work: high performance for clients and team

High demands are placed on a software developer who uses Agile software development. They must not only be technically competent but also highly flexible, a team player and able to work efficiently.

Outsourcing4work offers such developers and – equally important- project managers, who are well-experienced in Agile software development. They are combined with Outsourcing made in Germany. the unique service concept that Outsourcing4work has developed for European clients. This concept guarantees excellent results and protects clients from the many risks associated with offshore Outsourcing. Outsourcing made in Germany includes, among other things:

  • A European company as an Outsourcing service provider and as the contract partner of its clients in Europe
  • Countless satisfied customers of Outsourcing4work GmbH, with nearly 20 years of experience on the market, stability and a committed, excellent reputation
  • German or English contracts and a German and English project language
  • Access to the world’s largest Outsourcing-market, India, through Outsourcing4work’s reputable Indian partner companies.
  • Knowledgeable project managers (certified professional Scrum Masters – PSM) who speak German, English and some Hindi, and who will ensure smooth collaboration across your team.
  • Highly-trained, experienced and motivated software developers for Agile software development with extensive experience in Scrum and Kanban
  • Our clients will not need to undertake any administrative duties nor the care of our development teams.
  • Best working conditions for software developers and clients because we are convinced that only motivated teams can be successful.

Speed counts!

Our software developers will be happy to realise your next project as quickly and as reliably as you need. The first step is a no-obligation consultation, free of charge. Simply let us know what you are planning and what objectives you are setting. We will review your requirements and give you in-depth feedback within 24 hours on whether and how Agile software development from Outsourcing4work can support your project. If our offer is agreeable to you, creating the team and project work can begin immediately. We look forward to meeting you!