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Fast, efficient, cost effective:

Software development with offshore outsourcing

Software development usually takes place in conflicting conditions: the software it develops needs to be fast, yet also resource-conserving and cost-effective.

In practice, this contradiction leads to seemingly inevitable compromises. Either the best quality will require expensive rates and a long production time. Or rates and development time are decreased, but at the expense of quality.

In the worst case scenario, none of the objectives are reached. Software development then becomes tedious and expensive, with questionable quality.

The best of both worlds:

Software development with outsourcing4work

outsourcing4work solves the contradiction with a sophisticated concept:

Our European-based German and English speaking project managers guarantee the highest quality work, and smooth cooperation with our clients.  They ensure the reliability that you would expect from a competent and powerful service provider for software development.

To achieve this, our project managers coordinate the work of highly skilled programmers in India. With their expertise and experience, these specialists implement our quality standards without any restrictions. This is due to comparatively favourable cost structures in India, structures which allow us to offer significantly cheaper rates than many of our European competitors.

So, we combine German quality standards with cost benefits, and, at the same time, avoid the disadvantages and risks that other outsourcing service providers consider unavoidable.

Decide for yourself and take a look at our rates for software development.

We support you as needed:

short, middle or long term

outsourcing4work offers the best software development in various, tailor-made models:

If you need support in terms of a content and time-defined project, project-based cooperation is on offer. You tell us your needs and your project goals; we provide you with the required services for the agreed conditions.

If you need assistance with various projects or tasks, hiring one or more software developers for a specific period of time is often the most cost-effective method.  We find suitable experts for you in our pool of employees or on the open market.  Which of them you choose to deal with, and to what extent, is entirely up to you. Depending on your requirements, the developer that you choose will then work as directed by outsourcing4work or as a permanent employee of your branch in India. In both cases, we undertake all of the associated administrative requirements and obligations for you. We call these models ‘Temporary Employee’ or ‘Dedicated Employee’.

Clients who want to outsource more activities in the long-term often prefer our ‘Branch (light)’. For this we assemble teams of developers in India who satisfy all conceivable requirements and work directly with our clients. Here, too, we take over all administrative work.

Whichever variant you choose, you can always count on the best results and excellent conditions.

Be on the safe side:

outsourcing4work works reliably and predictably.

outsourcing4work offers software development and software programming either at an hourly rate or at fixed prices to secure your project and budget planning from the outset.

If you opt for time-based billing, you will only pay for the time actually worked. We do not bill for breaks, holidays or sick days, which you would normally need to pay for permanent staff. Our employees use real time attendance software and, upon request, will even regularly send out screenshots of their ongoing work. You are therefore always up to date and can track progress as you look directly onto the screen of the respective developer.

For many projects, we can also offer a pre-arranged fixed price. This option provides you with complete planning security and protects your budget.

We do everything to meet your needs. Conserve your resources – but don’t compromise on quality! outsourcing4work provides you with fast, efficient, and excellent value software development and software programming without the risks.