IT Entwickler aus Indien

Digitalisation, is not a dream of the future – we are right in the middle of it. New or changing customer expectations and new technologies pose challenges for companies. Especially when financial and human resources are limited, it becomes difficult to cope with the digital transformation on your own or it is a problem for young start-up companies to manage the daily tasks in the IT department or even a functioning IT department Build infrastructure. 

Flexible and reliable – remote IT experts for your digital transformation 

With the IT experts from outsourcing4work, you will be able to advance the digital transformation in your company or build a functioning IT infrastructure from scratch. We are your competent and experienced partner in the placement and coordination of trained and certified IT experts who, thanks to the agile remote model, can support your company within a very short time. But pure IT companies can also use the “outsourcing” principle for themselves and thus accelerate the growth of their own company. 

Your advantage: our experience 

In 2021 we can look back on more than 27 years of experience and celebrate numerous success stories. Together with you, we analyze your current situation and define your requirements. As your competent consultant in personnel matters, we will find perfectly fitting, qualified candidates. We can fall back on over 5,000 permanent IT employees and experienced specialists for business process outsourcing. 

Your service provider for professional IT 

From our experience, we know about the high level of training and qualifications of IT specialists from India. A high level of qualification and reliability of the specialists placed is just as important to us as their optimal work-life balance. We ensure this by creating a basis of attractive working conditions, interesting training opportunities, and high-income opportunities for our specialists. 

Flexible and agile – 100 percent remote  

Together with you, we will advance the digital transformation in your company. As a 100 percent remote company, we know what is important and live the philosophy of successful remote work every day. Since not only our customers but also the market is developing, we analyze our digital processes and optimize them according to our findings. We therefore always remain agile and flexible in order to be able to ensure the economic success of our customers. 

Customized IT solutions for your company 

Our philosophy of reaching the goal together is reflected in our targeted approach to the wishes and needs of our customers. Accordingly, we do not offer ready-made measures off the peg, but put together our service package individually for you: 

  • Professional and highly qualified: We work with over 5,000 permanent IT experts and find the right candidates who can support your business within a very short time.
  • Flexible and agile: As a 100 percent remote company, we know what is important. As your partner, we react promptly, flexibly and transparently to emerging challenges without incurring unnecessary costs. Benefit from our flexibility. Our experienced IT coordinators ensure that everything runs smoothly and accompany you from the first meeting to the successful completion of the project.
  • Cost-efficient and responsible: Companies that are still developing or are in the process of digital transformation must keep an eye on their costs. Thanks to our modern remote model, our IT experts can support you particularly cost-effectively. The experienced IT coordinators mentioned above, who will support you throughout the entire project, are included in the cost package. 

Are you interested in our extensive IT services and want to find out more? Our experts will be happy to advise you and clarify open questions as part of a free initial consultation!