Image editing is for online shops

An increasing amount of companies who sell their goods or services online are using professional image editing: retouching product images and technical recordings, as well as editing and colourising property photos for real estate agents, or pictures of attractive rooms in hotels and restaurants.  When a large amount of photos needs to be edited, as online shops or mail order companies are always bringing in new products, it makes sense to delegate these tasks to a professional company. However, this can cost quite a bit, and clients are then faced with the problem that they would like to optimise costs for digital image editing, but still would like them to be high quality and the handling should be fast. There is a solution: you can have both quality and low rates with the services of an external specialist from India.

Image editing: save time and money with outsourcing!

Photo editing services form India provide you with a high quality image editing service for professional company photos which saves the company time and money. Some of the services in the area of image processing include:

  • Retouching close-ups
  • Editing building shots
  • Restoring historical photos
  • Colourising company photos
  • Retouching product images
  • Free-form selecting product images
  • Creating 360 degree panorama shots

Many of these highly qualified and specialised companies in image processing are based in India. India has become the world’s largest outsourcing market. There are many companies on the subcontinent which are specialised in photo services and very experienced in this field. These Indian professionals employ hundreds of specially trained and experienced employees who can be hired by European companies flexibly, according to project volume. These employees work shift patterns and are also available over the weekend. The service providers offer these services at exceptional rates thanks to the large difference in salaries – which is a huge plus for European clients.

When everything needs to be perfect: image editing by professionals for professionals

A further advantage for companies who would like to outsource their image editing to India: you are delegating complicated tasks to external workers who can complete these tasks better than your own employees – they are trained in using image editing software and have extensive experience in image editing.  And this rapid and perfect image processing comes at an unbeatable price.

If you are interested in outsourcing, you can get in touch with us. We will provide you with the contact to our Indian partner companies and supervise the project from here on out. A plus for clients: we work during European office hours, the business language is German or English and you will have a contact person available in our office for your questions at any time.