Your photo editing professional

Editing photos is a daily task in photography, but not necessarily a well-loved one. Editing large amounts of images takes a long time, and is also a very monotonous and uncreative job. Many photographers spend up to twice as much time on editing photos as they do taking them.

Outsourcing to a professional photo editor can be a true coup here, since it will give a photographer extra time for additional jobs and more interesting tasks. Even an accordingly low-priced graphic designer or photo specialist can increase their profits this way.

Editing photos yourself vs. outsourcing

Here is a sample calculation for a large photo shoot: image that you as a photographer have an extensive gallery of 700 images from an event. You will most likely hand over around 150 images to the client. You have already spent a long time viewing and selecting the photos, and you now need to retouch 150 images individually to make them perfect.

If you calculate 10 minutes per picture, you will need 1,500 minutes to complete them all, which is about 25 hours. You will most likely need twice that for photos that require complex editing. If you include breaks in the calculation you will spend days only editing photos, and are blocked off from any other job.

Instead, hand over editing photos to an outsourcing provider who can share this work among multiple photo professionals and who will most likely be done in a day. You can then give your happy client the beautiful finished images in record time and start on a new project. Since your photo specialist is located in India, they only cost a fraction of your monthly wage. In this way you can increase your monthly earning by a larger amount than that which you need to invest in photo editing in India.

The more photos you have to edit, the more this approach pays off. However, as was shown in the sample calculation, it will even pay off for small amounts of images.

More than colour, brightness and contrast

In addition to a qualitative improvement in the image thanks to contrast correction, as well as to the brightness, saturation, gamma and colour, an outsourcing photo professional in India will also take on tasks that go beyond just editing photos. Image material that was shot under difficult conditions or was given to you to edit by clients can have the noise reduced, be sharpened or straightened by your Indian partner. They can also perform tasks such as cropping, removing backgrounds and black dots, increasing the background relative to the people and object or targeted colour manipulation according to specific criteria. With some skill, you can perhaps even hand over image editing jobs which can be realised at a low price in India. You can earn a lot of money with such a reseller-business model.

outsourcing4work can easily provide you with a service provider in India who will fit your needs. We have contacts with many professional photo professionals and agencies who are specialised in photo editing for outsourcing clients.