Online Support aus Indien

Online support is one of the most important roles in the modern service economy, no matter if your company is a fitness nutrition corporation, an online retail shop, a bank or an IT company for custom software. Online support has replaced traditional telephone hotlines in many areas, and is offered as part of the support package in addition to other variants. The customer then selects their preferred form of communication depending on the specific circumstances.

Call centres and online support teams also often act as a filter and sort function for many support requests. A customer generally first makes contact with service forces who then forward on the case to specialists if necessary.

Online support ticket system

Modern online support usually works with an optimised ticket system. Each request receives a task ID number and, if possible, is sorted according to the type of request. Rather than just offering a general email address for online support, web forms are much better suited for online support. With these sorts of systems, it is also a good idea to offer chat applications which give the customer direct contact to an employee. A continuously growing database for recurring problems and questions is also great to have on hand.

A fast response time to issues is very important to customers. If a company expects its customers to wait in long telephone queues, it generates concern, reduces customer loyalty and creates a bad brand image. The reasons for these queues is bad planning, because the query volume has not been evenly distributed. Or, if a team is understaffed a customer will also need to wait a long time for any help. On the other hand, teams that are too large might not have enough work to go around. Therefore, excellent and quick scalability depending on customer traffic is very important for support centres.

Online support by external providers

Many companies are now starting to rely on outsourcing for their first level support. Instead of having your own large support department, it is much more efficient to use external professionals. This is especially true for small and mid-sized enterprises. Even multinational companies outsource part of their online support in order to focus more on their core competencies and increase their productivity.

This had led to the creation of a global market for telephone and online support providers. Technological advances and the global spread of broadband connections has made this possible. This has surely happened to you: by calling your local hotline number you suddenly land in a call centre located in another country. This is especially commonplace for booking portals and travel companies. The main benefit for the company is the significantly lower wages overseas.

Many IT companies like to use online support provides from India since the salaries there are especially low and the country is full of IT experts. In contrast to telephone support, which requires good connections and in which time zones play an important role, email and chat based online support can be easily outsourced overseas.

Online support from India

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