Manual data entry or data collection is a classic area in business process outsourcing (BPO). It is necessary for documents that can’t be read automatically. These can be business directories, address lists, business cards, delivery notes, customer cards, questionnaires, lottery tickets, text files or information from websites.

Because manual data entry is usually only a temporary activity, yet is also very extensive and time-consuming, it can be hard for the existing staff to complete it within the given time frame. If this is done within the company, overtime hours for the employees involved or a change in duty priorities is often unavoidable.

Manual data entry can often lead to misallocation

Because the employee is usually trained and specialised in a different field, the process is usually unnecessarily long. If you keep highly qualified employees occupied with monotonous work it will lead to employee dissatisfaction and a high number of errors.

Professionals who specialise in manual data entry complete this work much faster and much more reliably. Depending on the type of document, they use an optimised approach.

Manual data entry by a professional provider

The labour-intense method is to type in the data from the paper originals such as receipts, handwritten notes, customer card requests, delivery notes or invoices, which is then made into digital images which are easier to handle. Employees specialised in manual data entry will receive digital photos of the originals, and enter the information manually into the computer.

To ensure that no mistakes are made, all data is controlled by a further employee in accordance with the four-eyes principle. Employees which are trained in manual data entry set a pace that your own employees could never match. With up to 14,000 strokes per hour, even the largest data sets are quickly completed.

Indian providers are cheaper

outsourcing4work can provide you with professional providers from India for manual data entry, providers who will quickly and accurately put your data into the format you want.

We take many security measures to ensure that your sensitive data does not end up in the wrong hands. You can conclude the contract directly with us, which gives you legal certainty. With our project managers we ensure that you receive your data on time and in the right format.