If you are looking for a virtual assistant, try looking outside your country. You can find many qualified professionals in the business process outsourcing (BPO) field at unbeatable rates in offshore destinations such as India.

BPO and IT outsourcing to India are becoming increasingly popular because the Asian country offers the perfect mix of high-level expertise and low costs, which is nearly impossible to find anywhere else in the world. Is it therefore any wonder that India currently holds more than 55% of the global outsourcing market for IT services?

Looking for a virtual assistant? India has the locational advantage

Nowadays, you can find much more in India than just software developers or IT professionals. If you are looking for a virtual assistant, you can easily find one in India. BPO outsourcing to India has a long tradition and is supported by large companies. British Airways was one of the first Western companies to build its own location intended for BPO in India.

The airline was suffering from increased competition and high staffing costs, and decided to create a branch in India for time-consuming database queries and tasks. This decision was quickly proven to be right, and the Indian offshoot quickly grew into big business. In 2006 it was given the name WNS Global Services and entered the stock exchange as a private business process outsourcing company. In the meantime, WNS Global Services works for many global clients in the corporate environment, and provides specialised services on a large scale.

The Indian BPO sector has expanded quickly over the last ten years, thanks to the rapid growth of the internet and new web technologies. It is now simple to hand over work to decentralised teams and to work purely online with video conferencing technology, cloud software and online collaboration tools. This is already common practice in most businesses. Team members are usually found in different locations, but can still collaborate efficiently thanks to the intranet or internet.

The still relatively young field of virtual assistance is also based on these new technological possibilities. Many traditional secretarial tasks can be easily delegated to a virtual assistant. In comparison to secretaries, an online worker is much more flexible and affordable.

If you are looking for a virtual assistant, you can save quite a bit by using professionals from India. The well-established BPO sector means there is an army of diversified online professionals who have already worked for international clients.

Finding and hiring a virtual assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant for a specific area doesn’t mean that you have to use unreliable freelancers or set up your own branch in India – there are many established offshore providers who specialise in Western clients. They all have many employees and a high degree of professionalism. However, it can be hard for a newcomer to figure out where to start. Generally it will be trial and error to decide if a particular provider is suitable to work with.

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