Erfahrene .Net- Software Entwickler finden

With .NET outsourcing you will use the very widespread .NET class library from Microsoft for Windows software development. This pays off if the code base and single modules are later developed by other developers. The main factor for .NET outsourcing is the significantly reduced development work in .NET, which is then later reflected in lower costs.

.NET outsourcing software according to modular design

A source code which is easily read by humans is then compiled in .NET software, then translated into machine language for the program execution. In contrast to applications that are directly present in machine language, software developed with .NET outsourcing uses the .NET framework offered by Windows to run.

Software developers can then use the built-in class libraries for standard functions and tasks that are often repetitive. The corresponding instructions can then be included modularly into their programs.

.NET currently knows 12,000 classes for these tasks which are categorised into 300 namespaces. The typical pre-built processes thanks to software classes include:

  • Read and write operations on files in certain formats
  • Mathematical calculations such as random numbers
  • Standard Windows UI elements such as buttons, toolbars, menus, and dialog box
  • Queries for existing databases

Because .NET always depends on the .NET framework to run, the software runs automatically on all systems it is available for. Software written for the .NET framework 4.0 runs from XP to Windows 10 on all Windows versions, and Windows Vista with version number 4.5 as well. Currently the .NET framework 4.6 is on Windows 10.

Free choice of languages with .NET outsourcing

In .NET outsourcing you will benefit from the language openness of the software platform. A .NET outsourcing partner is not limited to a specific programming language, which makes the selection of a suitable provider much easier. .NET can be programmed into every language that has a .NET compiler – and there are quite a few.

Microsoft has languages exactly for this purpose such as VB.NET, C#, C++/CLI, JScript.NET, ASP.NET, J# or F#, which can run perfectly with .NET. As the names indicate, these are advanced implementations of already existing languages. There are also compliers from other manufacturers for other languages which can be used via .NET outsourcing.

.NET outsourcing to India

If you are looking for experienced .NET software developers who are experienced in the newest .NET framework 4.6.1, .NET outsourcing to India offers you huge savings opportunities. Indian .NET developers have already made a name for themselves in many international projects and have an excellent reputation.

outsourcing4work can provide you with Indian .NET professionals such as these without any problems. You can realise .NET projects through us at a fixed price, or alternatively you can hire temporary employees. You can also hire entire teams who work exclusively for you.

Our own project managers will ensure that the cooperation over distance is optimally coordinated. Contracts are concluded with us as a European company, which will provide you with additional legal security.