IT Helpdesk OutSourcing

A good IT helpdesk can be difficult to realise for small and mid-sized enterprises, which is usually due to the costs involved and a lack of expertise in IT support. But nothing is more frustrating for customers, business partners or employees than if a product or a technical service doesn’t work as it should.

Through targeted outsourcing to a specialised provider, professional IT support is now achievable for every company. Once you have the right partner, there are a number of other benefits that arise from using an external provider, in addition to cost savings.

The advantages of IT support outsourcing

If you hand over IT support to an external provider, you can flexibly arrange the availability. You can even have 24 hour or weekend service. You can offer your customers high quality IT support even in the service sector, without you needing to adapt your own work hours and infrastructure.

In addition to pure technical knowledge, good IT support requires high communication skills and work optimised for typical problems and solutions. Providers specialised in IT support work with the appropriate tools that make it easier for you to solve technically challenging problems, and help you be able to handle a high volume of requests efficiently.

Ticket systems and automatic telephone support systems are standard, but you could also have video conference tools, build a problem and solution database or use specific tools for remote maintenance. The targeted development of teams that specialise in certain topics will also help solve difficult problems.

Once the workflows and service scope for IT support have been defined, you can set qualitative targets such as waiting times on the telephone hotline, or the maximum time for email response in hours or days. Depending on the request volume, the provider will guarantee the necessary resources and good scalability.

IT support from India

IT support can be easily handed over to an affordable India provider, especially in the English language sector. In India there is a number of professional call centre operators and outsourcing support providers who provide customised IT helpdesk outsourcing services to international clients.

You can hire the appropriate number of staff for the time window you want depending on your needs and integrate your own ticket system for customer inquiries.

Through skilful division of labour and cooperation with the Indian IT helpdesk employees in India, you can significantly reduce the volume of requests for your own IT employees. The helpdesk not only orders the support requests, but also performs important filter functions for typical and repeating requests.

outsourcing4work can help you build an IT helpdesk in India according to your exact specifications. We have been working together with a variety of professional outsourcing providers in India for years and have the necessary expertise.

We are not a pure provider and do not leave you on your own, but instead ensure proper implementation according to your requirements with our project managers. The contracts are concluded directly with us as a European company for your security.