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    What is an SEO Audit?

    A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit provides an overview of your website’s performance on search engines like Google or Bing. A website SEO audit report is created using technical SEO audit software. This report shows what improvements you can make to optimize your website and rank higher than your competition.
    Once your website ranks higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), you get more traffic to your website and your conversion increases, boosting your revenue. Thus, SEO website auditing is an essential activity for every business these days.

    Seo Audit

    Why is an SEO Audit necessary?

    Ideally, businesses should perform SEO audits regularly to monitor their Key Performance Indicators and adapt accordingly. Professional SEO audits provide the base for your optimization strategy to improve your ranking.
    Without professional support and access to online SEO tools, it is difficult to measure your website’s performance. Instead of free SEO tools, we use technical SEO audit software and Google SEO tools to develop our report.

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    What does an SEO Audit Contain?

    An SEO audit comprises two distinct parts which highlight the following issues:

    Technical SEO Audit

    Technical SEO Audit

    Technical-seo-audit-icons Indexing Check if all web pages are visible on search engines
    Technical-seo-audit-icons Page Speed Assess website loading speed and its effects on bounce rate
    Technical-seo-audit-icons Internal Links Ensure webpages have proper internal linking  
    Technical-seo-audit-icons Mobile-friendliness Make sure the website is mobile-responsive to rank positively
    Technical-seo-audit-icons Crawling Add webpages to the Robots.txt file to ensure search engines can crawl them
    Technical-seo-audit-icons Navigation Simplify navigation to make the website user-friendly
    Technical-seo-audit-icons URL Structure Craft crisp URLs to improve visibility on search engines
    On Page SEO Audit

    On Page SEO Audit

    On Page SEO Audit icons Backlinks Ensure Quality and Quantity for improved ranking
    On Page SEO Audit icons Meta-tags Following Google’s criteria for landing page meta-tags
    On Page SEO Audit icons Content Quality Review the relevance of your webpage content  
    On Page SEO Audit icons Content Quantity Make sure your webpage has reasonable word-count
    On Page SEO Audit icons Headlines Use keywords in H1 and H2 tags properly
    On Page SEO Audit icons Duplication Remove content duplication and use canonical tags
    On Page SEO Audit icons Linking Paths Follow an SEO-friendly approach for linking paths
    On Page SEO Audit icons Focus Keywords Research and add focus keywords throughout the content

    What to Expect from our SEO Audit?

    benefits icons A free-of-charge website SEO audit
    benefits icons Competitor analysis and comparison
    benefits icons Explanation of website errors
    benefits icons Suggestions on fixing critical issues
    benefits icons Accurate website performance metrics​​

    Why Choose Outsourcing4work for SEO?

    Our SEO specialists assess your needs effectively and develop the right strategy for SEO
    We take a goal-oriented SEO approach to deliver desired results and rank your website in SERPs
    We deliver flexible and customized SEO services according to your website needs
    We adopt proven white-hat SEO practices to provide high-quality services​
    We offer cost-effective services through our flexible SEO packages
    Our experts eliminate the learning curve, identify and resolve the issues swiftly to improve your website ranking
    toolsTools & Trends
    We utilize top-of-the-line tools and stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends enabling quick adaptation to changes in Google search algorithms
    We ensure monthly SEO analysis and progress reporting which allows us to review our SEO strategy and pivot our approach as needed​
    data protectionData Protection
    We set the highest standards for the protection of your data. Internal data protection officers guarantee compliance with the European data protection basic regulation (GDPR) in all work processes​