Indian NET developers to reduce costs

.NET developers are not necessarily experts in a specific programming language, in comparison to pure C++ or Java developers. Behind .NET you will find a run-time environment from Microsoft for Windows programs, as well as a collection of class libraries, programming interfaces and utilities.

.NET developers write their programs with the development environment Visual Studio provided by Microsoft, which changes the code automatically into executable programs with the help of the .NET run-time environment.  The advantage is that .NET can be used with Java, C++, C#, PHP and many other languages, and the programs can be run on a variety of Windows hardware and Windows versions.

.NET developers often know different languages

A .NET developer is therefore experienced in different programming languages, although the majority of them specialise in a specific language. By far, the most widely used .NET language is C#, an in-house development from Microsoft which uses the concepts of the programming languages Java, C++, Haskell and C, as well as Delphi.

In addition to just programming knowledge, a .NET developer also needs experience in the software tools and work techniques that belong to the .NET family.  A .NET developer also needs to continuously educate themselves, as the .NET environment is constantly further developed by Microsoft.

.NET developers are expensive

Windows is still the most widely used interface and dominates the market for lucrative business software. This is one of the main reasons why there is a very high demand for .NET developers. A .NET developer who works almost exclusively with C# will earn a global average of 82,000 US dollars, according to Gooroo Insights.

The high spread of .NET has also opened up the possibility to save money through offshore outsourcing for flexible companies and developer teams.  If you do not limit yourself to permanent employees or providers in Europe, you can find a .NET developer on the international market at significantly lower rates.

Indian .NET developers to reduce costs

If you are looking for an experienced .NET developer who can skilfully take advantage of the latest .NET Framework, they don’t have to be very expensive. Indian .NET developers have an excellent reputation and have proven themselves in many international projects.

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