Graphic designer and a Photo professional

Digital photo editing is a standard job nowadays – so much so that you can find a graphic designer and a photo professional in nearly every company. In addition to dexterity and technical expertise, digital photo editing also requires a trained eye for proportions and aesthetics. For this reason, a professional is essential for professional results.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to give the digital photo editing to an employee who has no experience in it. Even if they can achieve good results, it will often take much longer than a trained image professional.

Digital photo editing doesn’t have to be expensive

Good graphic designers and photo professionals can be found all over the world, which is particularly great for outsourcing. You can hire an Indian agency, especially for high volume orders or for tight deadlines, and save a lot of money. The high wage differences between India and Europe make this possible, even for small budgets.

There are numerous scenarios in which it is worth it to hire an Indian provider. Jobs such as retouching, colour enhancement or restoration of old photos, as well as extensive manipulation with Adobe Photoshop can be easily handed over.

A typical case are event photos – there are often thousands of pictures in different settings which need to be partially edited and cropped, a time-consuming task. An affordable Indian agency is perfectly suited for this type of quality optimisation.

Other business areas can also benefit from outsourcing digital photo editing. As a real estate agent you constantly receive images from clients which are bad quality.

Web agencies work with a lot of images and also use professional photo databases. PR professionals are also happy to outsource digital photo editing for complex projects, so that they can concentrate on what is really important in their own creative work.

Publishers work similarly and have to deal with many images. Catalogues and photo volumes can also be given to an Indian provider for digital photo editing – especially if the images provided by the client are not of optimal quality and need to be edited.

India: outsource digital photo editing

Outsourcing4work can help you in all of these cases and others, and will introduce you to a suitable Indian provider who will deliver you the highest quality at low rates. We will easily find the right image professional or image agency for your needs in our large partner network.