Data entry helpers from India

Data entry into a computer is a daily task in modern office life. Nearly every office worker has to do it in one or more capacity. In small amounts you can obviously complete it yourself, but for larger volumes it is better to use a specialised outsourcing provider.

Data entry into a computer belongs to the field of data collection. Manual entry is necessary if the data cannot be automatically read, which applies to nearly all handwritten materials like surveys or order cards, or else information that does not exist in text or numbers.

Data entry into computers by specialists

Agencies specialising in data entry into computers usually use a combination of hardware, software and manual entry which can perform the task much faster than any non-specialised worker.

First comes digitisation, meaning to scan or photograph the document, after which the documents are processed. The workers then do not need to handle any paper material and can fully concentrate on their work. Large monitors or a multi-monitor setup help display the document as well as the entry fields without needing to click in multiple different areas. The four-eyes principle is used to prevent any errors.

Four-eyes-principle: error-free computer data entry

Ideally, the fully digital information is presented to two different workers to check and review it. They will have an overview of the document as well as the data entered and will need to confirm the imported data is correct or fix any mistakes.

The data stored on the optimised databases is then put in the format specified by the client and stored. In addition, clients often receive an overview of the fundamental data and general statistics.

This approach allows companies specialised in data entry to enter thousands of items quickly, affordably and without errors thanks to their perfected working methods.

Affordable computer data entry: India!

outsourcing4work can provide you with a specialised provider for your data entry project. Indian data entry agencies can offer significantly lower rates than their competitors in Europe thanks to the lower cost of wages and due to the fact that employees do not need to be highly qualified for data entry.

If you use our services, we will also help you with the implementation with our own project managers and will ensure that your data records are delivered on time in the right format. You will also conclude the contract directly with us as a European company.