A professional image editing service offers you and your company advantages.

A professional image editing service can save you a lot of trouble and, most importantly, a lot of time. Whether you run an online store or are a professional photographer. Whenever a project requires a lot of photos at a time (or if you have images to edit on a regular basis), you realize what a time-eater image editing is. Looking at service providers that can provide image editing services is very worthwhile. In fact, outsourcing your own image editing as part of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offers some advantages for you.  


5 Advantages of professional image editing services


  1. Costs 

When you use an image editing service, you will obviously incur costs. But you are in control of the cost. Whether you prefer to charge on a per-minute basis or a fixed price is up to you. The service can be applied completely flexibly to your needs. This flexibility allows you to keep track of costs and to include them as fixed costs in your planning.  


  1. Style 

Are you worried that your own style will be lost by outsourcing image processing? There’s no need at all, the specialists who will be doing the image editing for you always stick to the photographer’s or company’s style. Of course, when you commission the image processing, certain parameters can be set, which will be taken into account by the respective processor in order to remain true to your style. 


  1. Time 

The professionals, whom you pass the editing of your images to, usually work faster and more efficiently than if you, or an employee, did the work yourself. On the one hand, the specialists bring a high level of experience and expertise in image editing and they use the latest and most suitable tools for editing. Besides, you don’t need to hire and train new employees, which also affects the available time. In conclusion, it must be noted that the time saved by using an image editing service also gives you a competitive advantage, as projects can be completed faster.  


  1. Know-how 

You work with professionals when you use the service. The professionals do top-notch work in the areas of digital image editing, restoration of images, or even retouching. Not to mentionthe editors you will work with are always at the cutting edge of technology and have the latest knowledge when it comes to image editing.  


  1. Capacity 

Whether you need to edit small number of images on a regular basis, or you have jobs with a large number of photos every now and then, there is a customized solution for every volume. Especially for larger orders, such as opening an online store, where sometimes vast quantities of the highest quality product images possible are neededit is enormously helpful if you have a whole team available for image editing and to take this work off your hands. In terms of your own capacities, it means that you have this work stage out of your mind and can concentrate on your core competencies and your daily business.  


outsourcing4work – Your partner from Germany  

If you want to put image editing in professional hands, need to react flexibly to your own situation and current needs, or simply want a time-consuming job done quickly, professionally, and cost-effectively, outsourcing4work is the right partner for you.  

Within the scope of comprehensive BPO services, outsourcing4work offers a professional image editing service, which is characterized above all by speed, flexibility, quality, and costefficiency.  

With outsourcing4work you have a German partner at your side who offers you the solutions that support and advance your business. Book an appointment for a free initial consultation now!


If you want to convert HTML, then it usually involves saving the content from the webpage while retaining the original format. But the reverse is also possible: documents of all kinds can be converted to HTML format so that they can be easily opened and read in browsers.

When converting to HTML on a large scale, which means hundreds or even thousands of pages, you will need the help of a professional. You can convert individual documents yourself, depending on the template or your target format. However, large amounts of pages will cost you so much time that it’s better to delegate.

HTML conversion by professionals

Conversion professionals have the necessary expertise and the software tools. It’s especially worth your while to take advantage of their services if you have a lot of files. They know what work steps can be automated and what might require manual post-editing. In some cases, this might mean direct editing or a clean-up of the HTML code prior to conversion, or the HTML files are first converted to an intermediate format which lets you edit them more easily. The following conversions are the most popular:

  • Converting HTML to Word and Word to HTML
  • HTML data export to Excel, or Excel data for websites to HTML
  • HTML to PDF and PDF to HTML
  • Image files to HTML, such as a slide show
  • Converting PowerPoint presentations to an HTML slide show
  • Converting HTML to PowerPoint

There are naturally many more possible formats that can be converted from or to HTML, especially for document formats that use page-based display. Printed material, such as catalogues or books, can also be scanned in and converted to HTML with the help of image and text recognition.

BPO to India: HTML conversion at low rates

Format conversion is a typical service provided by BPO (business process outsourcing). Since it usually involves very labour intensive yet simple tasks, hourly wages play a decisive factor here. Wages are especially low in countries like India, which is one of the reasons that India has established itself as the world’s most popular outsourcing location. There are a number of professional BPO providers with good references and standardised processes.

We at outsourcing4work are happy to find you a provider who will deliver you professional HTML conversion services at a low cost. We have many years of experience in the procurement of outsourcing services to India, and have an established partner network. In addition to BPO services, we also realise complex IT projects in the fields of software development and web design in India. We are experienced in the coordination of complex processes across many time zones, and can guarantee you reliable and accurate execution in accordance with your ideas.

Catalogue processing is a recurring task in the retail sector; e-commerce is seeing rapid growth in the B2C sector, as well as the B2B. More and more transactions are taking place on the internet, and a properly maintained website is a must to do business online.

Outsourcing catalogue processing is often used by online shops as well as for digital catalogues. In both cases, you will need to have a suitable amount of raw material comprised of product images, descriptions, technical information such as pre-installed parts, specifications, material or components and weight in a structured digital form. You can give access to the product database to the outsourcing employees for e-commerce pages.

Desktop publishing applications (DTP) are used to produce digital catalogues in document form, such as QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher, with which graphic and design heavy documents can be set, like with a word processor. This kind of catalogue processing is individual projects that occur monthly or seasonally and have a specific inventory and delivery date.

However, for larger shops catalogue processing continuously takes place. There are also new products that need to be added according to a pre-determined pattern. A worker who has been sufficiently trained in the system will need to enter the content through descriptions, illustrations, videos and photos.

Usually, there is a specific style guide for the catalogue processing which defines image size, frames, paragraph lengths, technical data formats, headlines and subheadings, text length, word choice and expressions, file formats, meta tags and much more. The more exact the details, the better you can outsource the work.

Outsourcing for catalogue processing

Catalogue processing is generally not complex work, but instead a task that requires accuracy and reliability. In an online shop, incorrect information can lead to unsatisfied customers and even merchandise returns. It’s therefore recommended to find a permanent partner that you train accordingly and who can be employed again in the future if necessary.

Good communication and clear information is key in the training period. Quality control should also be kept in mind, and you should retain competent staff who can guide the outsourcing employees.

At outsourcing4work we are very experienced in coordination across distance. We specialise in IT and BPO (business process outsourcing) employees from India, a country that is very popular among international clients thanks to its technical expertise.

We know that cultural differences and time and locational distance can bring about misunderstandings during projects, which is why we employ our own Scrum project managers who stay by the sides of our clients for advice and support throughout the entire project.

Our Scrum professionals have many years of experience with India, and have experience with common outsourcing issues. This allows us to prevent many difficulties, and even if one should arise, we can quickly find the right solution. We also take over much of our client’s work with it comes to the contract. We assume responsibility for the employment and payment of the Indian outsourcing employee. Our clients can conclude a contract directly with us as a European company. This makes the process much easier and also ensures legal transparency

A traditional IT system administrator is responsible for ensuring that the IT systems run smoothly, securely and without any interruptions. They are a very important role in companies and institutions, and just like in other fields, the IT system administrator role has undergone a major change over the last few years. The reason behind this? The rapid growth of the internet.

While earlier you could hire one or just a few IT system administrators for the entire infrastructure (i.e. managing all hardware and software products), this is now no longer the case. IT management now deals with many different types of hardware, various application software, server work, cloud management and works with a number of online tools and service, in addition to many other tasks.

Today’s IT system administrators

Purely hardware-related work is usually outsourced to local service companies which ensure uninterrupted and error-free operation and replace any defective hardware. There are other highly specialised IT administrators for individual software solutions in the office, data centre or in the cloud. Depending on the company and the field of application, individual specialists will take over specific tasks, as long as they have the necessary expertise.

The larger the company, the more likely it is that they can hire their own IT administrators for individual areas. If the IT administrator is experienced in several key technologies at a high level, they can manage multiple areas at the same time.

Outsourcing an IT system administrator: targeted savings

Outsourcing comes into play when the management of an IT system can be done entirely online. And thanks to the increase in cloud technology, this now applies to many IT systems.

Cloud services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) are quickly taking hold in companies due to costs. When changing over to a cloud service, an IT administrator will need to have different qualifications, qualifications that previous IT administrators might not have. You can either bring your own IT department up to date with training and certifications, or you can hire new qualified employees.

The relevant expert knowledge will always be necessary no matter what your chosen strategy is or the complexity of the implementation. Sometimes it’s enough to hire a suitable administrator for only a temporary period of time. In both cases, you can definitely save money by hiring professionals from countries such as India.

Many major corporations and international companies have realised this, and rely on virtual IT system administrators. Virtualisation and the needs-based scaling of IT infrastructure in the cloud (IaaS) is a quickly growing business.

Decentralized IT employees not only have the advantage of cost savings, but it is much easier to organise need-basedround the clock service. Various providers from India offer packages that will suit your needs.

How to find an outsourcing IT administrator in India

Thanks to its large population and many years active service in the IT industry, India offers excellent workers who specialise in all areas of technology. In the country well-known for its excellent IT professionals, you will easily find a suitable expert in every area, including experience and certifications from large IT companies like Microsoft, who also officially confirm the expertise.

outsourcing4work can help you quickly find the right IT system administrator for your needs. We have many years of experience in the procurement of India staff and have a large network of partners with professionals in all areas. In addition to procurement, we also take over important coordination activities and use our own Scrum project managers who will accompany you throughout the entire project phase. You conclude the contract directly with us as a European company.

If you are looking for a virtual assistant, try looking outside your country. You can find many qualified professionals in the business process outsourcing (BPO) field at unbeatable rates in offshore destinations such as India.

BPO and IT outsourcing to India are becoming increasingly popular because the Asian country offers the perfect mix of high-level expertise and low costs, which is nearly impossible to find anywhere else in the world. Is it therefore any wonder that India currently holds more than 55% of the global outsourcing market for IT services?

Looking for a virtual assistant? India has the locational advantage

Nowadays, you can find much more in India than just software developers or IT professionals. If you are looking for a virtual assistant, you can easily find one in India. BPO outsourcing to India has a long tradition and is supported by large companies. British Airways was one of the first Western companies to build its own location intended for BPO in India.

The airline was suffering from increased competition and high staffing costs, and decided to create a branch in India for time-consuming database queries and tasks. This decision was quickly proven to be right, and the Indian offshoot quickly grew into big business. In 2006 it was given the name WNS Global Services and entered the stock exchange as a private business process outsourcing company. In the meantime, WNS Global Services works for many global clients in the corporate environment, and provides specialised services on a large scale.

The Indian BPO sector has expanded quickly over the last ten years, thanks to the rapid growth of the internet and new web technologies. It is now simple to hand over work to decentralised teams and to work purely online with video conferencing technology, cloud software and online collaboration tools. This is already common practice in most businesses. Team members are usually found in different locations, but can still collaborate efficiently thanks to the intranet or internet.

The still relatively young field of virtual assistance is also based on these new technological possibilities. Many traditional secretarial tasks can be easily delegated to a virtual assistant. In comparison to secretaries, an online worker is much more flexible and affordable.

If you are looking for a virtual assistant, you can save quite a bit by using professionals from India. The well-established BPO sector means there is an army of diversified online professionals who have already worked for international clients.

Finding and hiring a virtual assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant for a specific area doesn’t mean that you have to use unreliable freelancers or set up your own branch in India – there are many established offshore providers who specialise in Western clients. They all have many employees and a high degree of professionalism. However, it can be hard for a newcomer to figure out where to start. Generally it will be trial and error to decide if a particular provider is suitable to work with.

outsourcing4work can help with its personalised procurement and support services. We have many years of experience in procuring highly professional BPO workers from India, and have a large network of trustworthy partners in India. If you are looking for a virtual assistant, we can easily find the perfect profile to suit you.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive approach: we look after our clients in the project phase with our own Scrum project managers, and also take over the responsibility for payment and the contract as a European partner. We are also happy to help you further.

Systematic product research is essential in many areas of business, whether in purchasing, optimising business processes or for analysing the competition. A well-conducted product research will clearly show the best way forward for the company.

The internet has made this process significantly easier, as you can find nearly all the necessary information for almost every product. However, the web can be an overgrown jungle. In order to find crucial information on a product you will need to have a bit of research know-how as well as time. A simple Google search is usually not enough, and this is very true for any product which is commonly found.

Outsourcing product research

Product research can be fully or partially outsourced very affordably, thanks to business process outsourcing (BPO). There are now a large number of providers specialised in online research who charge low rates. If you use offshore providers from India, then it is possible to conduct online research for a fraction of the cost.

Research professionals often get results much faster and can find information that others might miss. They use technological tools which have been optimised for online research such as targeted search operators for Google and special search engines. Linguistic skills and the clever use of synonyms and relevant keywords also play an important role.

When doing product research, you will need to use knowledge specific to the product in order to uncover topic hubs. These hubs include websites, catalogues, databases, directories, journalistic articles, Wikipedia entries, Facebook pages, postings or also individual documents (PDF, DOCX, etc.) such as scientific works which can provide some of the most relevant and best sources for specific topics.

Complete or supplementary product research

Depending on the circumstances, it could be worthwhile to hand over the entire product research or to simply hire an outsourcing provider for just a primary information search. If you delegate the entire product research to external professionals, you will need to specify the details very precisely. A detailed Excel spreadsheet in which all the individual data and sources are structured is very well suited to this.

But it is also worth your while to give the product research to a specialist for the first overview. You can do more in-depth analyses later yourself, or instruct the outsourcing provider on the next steps and split the research.

However you choose to proceed – you will often reach your goal faster by outsourcing the product research. The costs are often manageable as well if you use Indian outsourcing workers. Salaries in the Asian country are very low, and you will find a huge number of highly trained IT and BPO professionals with many years of experience. There are agencies in India which specialise in online research. Depending on the topic, you can even hire an expert specialised in it who will gather together all the required information for you.

If you would like to take advantage of affordable outsourcing for your product research, then we at outsourcing4work can help you further. We are specialised in IT and BPO outsourcing to India and will easily find the right expert for your needs.

In contrast to other providers, you can conclude and develop your contract directly with us as a German company. We do not only care about the procurement of Indian professionals, but will also look after payment and support thanks to our own Scrum managers. This keeps your own effort at a minimum, and protects you against any unpleasant surprises.

Online support is one of the most important roles in the modern service economy, no matter if your company is a fitness nutrition corporation, an online retail shop, a bank or an IT company for custom software. Online support has replaced traditional telephone hotlines in many areas, and is offered as part of the support package in addition to other variants. The customer then selects their preferred form of communication depending on the specific circumstances.

Call centres and online support teams also often act as a filter and sort function for many support requests. A customer generally first makes contact with service forces who then forward on the case to specialists if necessary.

Online support ticket system

Modern online support usually works with an optimised ticket system. Each request receives a task ID number and, if possible, is sorted according to the type of request. Rather than just offering a general email address for online support, web forms are much better suited for online support. With these sorts of systems, it is also a good idea to offer chat applications which give the customer direct contact to an employee. A continuously growing database for recurring problems and questions is also great to have on hand.

A fast response time to issues is very important to customers. If a company expects its customers to wait in long telephone queues, it generates concern, reduces customer loyalty and creates a bad brand image. The reasons for these queues is bad planning, because the query volume has not been evenly distributed. Or, if a team is understaffed a customer will also need to wait a long time for any help. On the other hand, teams that are too large might not have enough work to go around. Therefore, excellent and quick scalability depending on customer traffic is very important for support centres.

Online support by external providers

Many companies are now starting to rely on outsourcing for their first level support. Instead of having your own large support department, it is much more efficient to use external professionals. This is especially true for small and mid-sized enterprises. Even multinational companies outsource part of their online support in order to focus more on their core competencies and increase their productivity.

This had led to the creation of a global market for telephone and online support providers. Technological advances and the global spread of broadband connections has made this possible. This has surely happened to you: by calling your local hotline number you suddenly land in a call centre located in another country. This is especially commonplace for booking portals and travel companies. The main benefit for the company is the significantly lower wages overseas.

Many IT companies like to use online support provides from India since the salaries there are especially low and the country is full of IT experts. In contrast to telephone support, which requires good connections and in which time zones play an important role, email and chat based online support can be easily outsourced overseas.

Online support from India

If you are interested in online support from India for your company, get in touch with us. outsourcing4work can provide you with the right support provider from India for your needs. You will be able to let your support activities be taken care of in India affordably and professionally, and will also be able to reduce your costs. We have many years of experience with Indian outsourcing providers, and can easily find a suitable provider that fits your requirements.

However, we don’t leave you alone once we have found the right employees for you. We will support you with the communication, project planning and implementation with our own project managers. Contracts are concluded with us as a European company, which provides you with additional legal security.

A virtual assistant can be a great help to everyone, although these online professionals generally work for smaller companies. However, many professionals and even private clients are starting to take advantage of this service.

A virtual assistant can provide a big boost in creativity for many fields. And thanks to the very global market of online workers, an assistant doesn’t have to be expensive. Business process outsourcing (BPO) has been experiencing a real boom lately, and is becoming a leader in many areas. This is especially true for Indian providers – the Asian country is better represented in the global IT outsourcing market than any other county, with a 55% market share.

Virtual assistant – flexible workforce for various tasks

Usually a virtual assistant works in the business sector and supports clients in simple, often repetitive tasks that can be time consuming. Everything is coordinated on the internet and is completed on a task basis or at agreed-upon times. Working time can vary from a few hours a month up to nearly full-time employment; it just depends on the needs of the client.

This flexibility is one of the major advantages of a virtual assistant, as well as the low salary costs. You can flexibly choose what tasks the virtual assistant should take over, once a suitable one has been found. When using specialists, it could be worthwhile to hire multiple virtual assistants with special expertise.

Some of the usual tasks given to a personal assistant are things such as internet searches for information, text-based work, travel planning or traditional secretarial work such as answering emails and the telephone, as well as scheduling appointments. Some core competencies include excellent online expertise, skilful use of Office software and productivity tools and good language and communication skills.

Research, data and text-based work are especially sought after by clients. Transcription, proofreading, simple translations or SEO services are very time-consuming tasks that can be easily delegated to a virtual assistant with the right qualifications.

Finding and getting to know a personal assistant

If you are looking for a virtual assistant, it can be difficult to find the right one. This is not to a lack of workers, but rather a surplus of average ones. It can be hard for newcomers to the market to separate the wheat from the chaff and not spend too much time finding an assistant.

Once you have found the right candidate, then you will need to communicate and precisely define the tasks that need to be done. There is then usually a short training period to explain how to use the necessary programs, websites and other services. This aspect is often overlooked due to the lack of experience in dealing with online workers.

If the virtual assistant is well-qualified, professional and gets the client’s approval, they can work very flexibly. Communication takes place via email, video chats and online collaboration tools.

If you hand over the search and support for a virtual assistant to an experienced partner like outsourcing4work, you will reach your goal much faster. We are specialised in the procurement of IT experts with special expertise, as well as business process outsourcing from India. Thanks to our large network of partners and our many years of experience, it’s easy for us to quickly find the right online professional to suit your needs.

And we will stay by your side throughout your cooperation with your virtual assistant. Our own Scrum project managers will help you in coordinating your online assistant.

You complete the contract with us, which also covers the payment of the Indian online worker. We then ensure professional implementation as a European company.

Internet research services is a relatively young field with a rapidly growing importance. The reason for this is the huge amount of information available which require specific approaches to analyse, even despite powerful search engines like Google. Internet statistics published by different sources speak for themselves.

According to Statista, the internet grows by about 200-300 million users per year. And these users generate new content. With approximately 3.4 billion users, not even half of the world’s population is active on the internet.

However, as far as the amount of data available online is concerned, this is more than enough. Each month, more than 20,000 new Wikipedia articles are added and there are currently around 1 billion websites, of which 76.5 million alone are on WordPress.

Internet research services: the search for a needle in a haystack

Nowadays, you will need expert knowledge in the field of online research in order to find your way through the jungle of the internet. Simply entering search terms into Google is just the start of a systematic search, which can take a long time depending on the topic.

Internet research service or web research service providers use target and optimised technical tools for online research, such as a sophisticated search operator for Google. However, linguistic expertise and the clever use of synonyms and relevant keywords play an important role.

In addition, knowledge of so-called topic hubs is also incredibly important for the researched topic. Top hubs include websites, directories, journalistic articles, Wikipedia entries, Facebook pages, postings or also individual documents (PDF, DOCX, etc.) such as scientific works which can provide some of the most relevant and best sources for specific topics. Finding the best possible sources of information can be an art form.

When an internet research service is worth it

Professional internet research services can be used in many areas, even if your own knowledge or your employees’ is very high. The amount of time you’ll save plays a big role, as online research can be time-consuming and expensive. Whether you are looking for very specific information on a person, product or scientific results for competitive and market analysis, for journalistic reasons or simply for a list of links on a particular topic – internet research services can save you a lot of time. Information gather in this way are also an excellent starting point for further research on your part.

And, with a professional Indian provider for internet research services, this does not need to cost much. Salaries in the Asian country are very low, and you will find a huge number of highly trained IT professionals. There are also agencies specialised in internet research services in India. Depending on the topic, you can hire an expert specialised in web research who will gather together all the required information.

outsourcing4work can find you suitable staff for every scenario. We are specialised in IT outsourcing to India and will easily find the right expert for your needs. Unlike many other recruiters and recruitment agencies, you can book internet research services directly through us as a European company. We then take care of the rest. One of our Scrum project managers will also be by your side throughout the project phase to ensure that everything runs smoothly with the Indian provider.

What does a data processor do?“- We often hear this question if someone wants to know more about the possibilities of business process outsourcing (BPO). That’s why we’d like to give you a short overview of what one does.

As the name suggests, a data processors optimises the collection and storage of data. Data here refers to any kind of information which can be categorised and stored as records according to certain criteria. This can be names, addresses, categories or numerical values which need to be put in a specific order and are saved in databases or tables.

Automated or manual: data entry comes in many forms

Manual data entry and automated data entry differ mainly on the basis of the documentation to be evaluated. Manual data entry is generally used for all types of paper based documents which can not be read or evaluated by a machine. This can also include online sources which can not be easily queried or read with software.

On the other hand, automated data entry is used for photographed or scanned originals. Printed or handwritten information is automatically read and sorted, then stored using OCR software. These types of systems are often used in logistics companies. Depending on the document type, language and the data destination, automated data entry needs customised systems. Paper documents will require a manual reworking of any document that the software cannot read.

Automatic data entry can also refer to online data source or data streams which are evaluated with the help of special software. And then, the data is saved in the desired format.

What does a data processor do as an outsourcing provider?

In the field of BPO there are many professional providers specialising in data collection in all its forms. Large-scale data collection with special hardware and software and workflows which have been optimised accordingly can be done quickly by outsourcing professionals, much faster than if a company were to do it itself. The larger and more extensive the contract, the greater the productivity benefits for the company. But providers specialised on certain complex types of data are also used for smaller projects.

If you would like to use data entry for your company and are looking for a suitable provider, then it is recommended to use a company with a wide range of services.

But don’t spend time puzzling over what type of provider best suits your needs. outsourcing4work is happy to help in the selection of an excellent provider from India who is not only professional, but also affordable.