Converting an eBook into any format: inexpensive with outsourcing

If you would like to convert an eBook, it often comes with a number of problems. Switching from one eBook format into another requires a bit of manual work to be able to achieve the best results, in addition to just conversion. There is software like InDesign that will undertake simple conversions automatically. Tables of […]


JavaScript outsourcing: how to save with Indian developers

JavaScript outsourcing lets you bring specialised JavaScript expertise in-house and take the load off your own developers. Since the scripting language is constantly evolving, this keeps you up-to-date and lets you realise compatible JavaScript programs easier with various JavaScript engines. JavaScript outsourcing for different areas Today’s web developers are experienced in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and […]


Virtual assistants from India: affordable employees for many areas

Virtual assistants are becoming more and more popular as outsourcing professionals. Nowadays, the technical possibilities available through software and fast internet connections have brought about a real increase in business process outsourcing (BPO). Modern executives now take care of many tasks that were previously given to a secretary, and thanks to modern equipment such as […]

Business executives having a meeting in an office

How you can save money with professional photo processing in India

Professional photo processing is a must in today’s modern business world. Thanks to the triumph of digital photography, the amount of image material has skyrocketed; however even the most expensive professional equipment cannot guarantee good results. Professionals are indispensable to successfully edit images. In contrast to taking pictures, truly professional picture editing takes a lot […]


Web shop outsourcing: worthwhile for both small and large projects

Web shop outsourcing is used by both small and large online shop operators. The initial start-up of an online shop requires a lot of know-how and generally is better left in the hands of specialised agencies rather than in-house. Giving the job to a company’s own IT department rarely makes sense, and is almost always […]