SQL outsourcing to India lowers your costs

You can save a lot of money with SQL outsourcing to offshore destinations, and can even integrate a remote SQL professional into existing teams of administrators or developers. Since SQL fulfils a more supportive function in web applications, many tasks require a high level of expertise. In comparison to traditional development, many steps are standardized […]


Easy search: WordPress developers for your project from India

If you are looking for a WordPress developer, you can save a load of time and money with offshore outsourcing. Unlike Europe, where your search for an affordable WordPress developer can be hard, it is much easier in India. The country has been investing in its IT sector for years and has a wide range […]


Internet Research Services: How to Use Indian Online Professionals For Research

Internet research services is a relatively young field with a rapidly growing importance. The reason for this is the huge amount of information available which require specific approaches to analyse, even despite powerful search engines like Google. Internet statistics published by different sources speak for themselves. According to Statista, the internet grows by about 200-300 […]


Looking for a game developer? Save with Indian professionals

If you are looking for a game developer for a current or new project, then you will need patience. Unlike traditional software development, the gaming industry has its own rules to follow. Factors such as aesthetic, humour, originality and sound and image quality are just as important as features, performance and graphics and animation quality. […]

App Entwicklung Kosten?

App development: costs depend on your approach

Various aspects or special features cost extra in app development. However, hardly any developer can give you a cost estimate without a clear idea of what you want in an app. App development – costs according to operation system If you are planning to develop an app, the different interfaces (iOS, Android and Windows Mobile) […]