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The client

outsourcing4work was asked by an e-business company in the tourism industry for support in Zend PHP development.

The challenge

The customer required permanent, qualified support from an experienced Zend PHP developer. However, the scope of the work in progress did not justify the permanent employment of a specialist working in Germany. On the other hand, employing a freelancer would not have provided the necessary planning security and would also have been too expensive. Therefore, the requirements for outsourcing4work were:

  • The customer needed a qualified and reliable Zend PHP developer for 80 hours per month.
  • Despite the limited scope of his work, he strove for a long-term cooperation based on mutual trust.
  • The customer wanted to communicate with the developer as simply and as free of misunderstandings as possible. The mutual expectations and working methods should be compatible.
  • The running costs should not exceed the fixed limit.

Our approach

outsourcing4work was able to meet these requirements with the following approach:

  • outsourcing4work stellte zunächst einen deutschen Koordinator, der dem Kunden geeignete PHP Zend Entwickler aus unserem Pool indischer Mitarbeiter vorschlagen konnte.
  • outsourcing4work initially provided a German coordinator who was able to suggest suitable Zend PHP developers from our pool of Indian employees to the customer.
  • After thorough testing and several interviews, the client decided on the candidate best suited to his requirements.
  • Together with the German coordinator, the scope of duties and the first jobs to be processed were then defined.
  • Kanban is used for process control. The central tool for project management and work organization is JIRA Software.
  • A cloud-based time recording software documents work content and progress with screenshots so that the customer is informed about the status of the work at all times. In addition, the working time can be invoiced to the minute.
  • The work process is organised as follows:
    • The customer enters upcoming tasks in the JIRA Backlog.
    • The Indian developer evaluates the tasks and enters estimates of the required processing times into the JIRA Board.
    • If the estimated processing time for a task matches the customer’s expectations, he releases it in the JIRA Board. Any differences are discussed and clarified in a meeting.
    • The developer takes the respective task from JIRA Todo, processes it and hands it over to the customer after completion.

The result:

  • The Indian developer handles all tasks with great results and to the full satisfaction of the customer.
  • The communication between the customer and his developer runs smoothly and efficiently. If required, the coordinator of outsourcing4work is available at any time as a contact person for both sides.
  • Thanks to the permanent employment of the Indian developer at our partner company in India, long-term and reliable cooperation is ensured.
  • The labour costs are significantly lower than for comparable specialists in Germany.
  • The customer only pays outsourcing4work for the work of the developer as a fee. As the client’s German contract partner, outsourcing4work bears the entire administrative and legal responsibility for the employee.

Thus, the customer receives regular, qualified support from Zend PHP developer whom he could not employ in Germany within the given budget.

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    Reach our goal together

    As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.


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