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PHP has been the most widely used server-side programming language for dynamic websites for several years. PHP developers develop a wide range of shops, portals or other applications for clients and users. Their work is a decisive factor for the quality and ultimately the success of such applications. Clients are well-advised to not compromise when selecting the right PHP developer for their project.

From Lerdorf to the global community:

PHP developers design the internet

In 1995 RasmusLerdorf introduced his “Personal Homepage Tools”, the basis of today’s PHP. This resulted a very active open source project by developing more and more new versions of the scripting language. In 1997 AndiGutmans and ZeevSuraski completely rewrote PHP 3 to better be able to use the language for e-commerce applications. With this release, they significantly encouraged its international spread. The final version of PHP 7 was introduced in November 2015. It further enables significant performance increases.

PHP developers: a supply market

The on-going development and the manifold possibilities offered by PHP have led to a status of quasi-standard for the development of dynamic websites. As a result the PHP developer community is highly sought-after, but despite this steady growth it is unable to meet the demand for PHP development services. Clients then face a dilemma: work with only a somewhat acceptable PHP developer, or compete for one of the extremely competent, but also very expensive, superstars in the industry?

The solution: the outsourcing4work concept

With its workforce in India, outsourcing4work can offer a third, much better, alternative to its clients: we offer our customers the option to select exactly the right PHP developer who will best meet the requirements of the respective project. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP), WIMP (Windows, IIS, MySQL and PHP), PHPNuke, Symfony PHP, CakePHP, PHPBB are some, but not all of the areas of expertise of outsourcing4work’s specialists.

We also ensure that we employ only highly trained, experienced, motivated and communicative PHP developers. We place high importance on the cooperation between client – project management – PHP developer.

And last, but not least, our rates are low from a European perspective, but from our employee’s perspective they are extremely fair and attractive rates.

In cooperation with outsourcing4work clients can trust that they will have a team of excellent PHP developers available who can meet all requirements and, at the same time, work at rates much lower than those of a similar PHP developer on the European market.

In addition, the outsourcing4work concept includes other services which support and supplement the work of our PHP developer:

  • Project managers based in Europe, who speak German and English, and who function as a point of contact for our clients. They know and meet the requirements and standards of our European clients, coordinate all project participants and the PHP developer working in India, and assume total responsibility for the project. They are available during European business hours and, if necessary, will personally take part in meetings.
  • As a European company, we are based in the European legal system and guarantee our clients legal transparency.
  • Our clients do not need to take over any administrative responsibility for their employees abroad. This is the complete responsibility of outsourcing4work.
  • Our customers enjoy maximum flexibility, as the PHP developers work for outsourcing4work. We contract them to our clients either on a project basis, or assign them to the development of the websites and applications our clients want.
  • In addition, our customers appreciate the full transparency of our business model. We only bill for the time actually proven to be worked (or, alternatively, at a fixed price) and continuously inform our client on the goals reached and the current status of the project.

This concept prevents all the usual risks that can arise during outsourcing. It is the ideal solution for clients who care about costs and quality, and expect a PHP developer with exceptional technical knowledge who works quickly, flexibly and reliably.

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Our developers live, breathe and eat PHP! They develop first-class software, working carefully and are goal oriented, as well as affordable. And thanks to our special outsourcing4work concept of ‘outsourcing made in germany.’ you will not take on any unnecessary risks.

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