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Online game provider implements new game concept


The client

The customer required development capacities for the implementation of a novel game concept. However, both the exact scope of the work and the technology to be used were still open. In addition, initial trials with developers working on site had not produced the desired results. The customer’s request to Outsourcing4work was therefore initially limited to a description of the project goals and a request for support in the implementation.

The challenge

Since the requirements were not yet defined in detail, the project required more extensive preparations.
In detail:

  • Before choosing a suitable developer, the most suitable technology for the implementation of the game concept had to be chosen and the scope of work had to be estimated.
  • In the second step, a suitably qualified developer should be sought. They had to understand the game concept, develop an attractive design and program an appropriate platform, first for web-based and later for mobile use.
  • The customer’s total investment was not allowed to exceed a given limit.

Our approach

Outsourcing4work processed this task in several steps.

  • Initially, the coordinator advised the customer on suitable technologies. Based on this information, the customer decided to use Unity 3d. This technology can best meet the high requirements of the project. The expected scope of work was provisionally set at 560 developer hours.
  • Together with the customer, the coordinator then drew up a complete project plan.
  • SCRUM was chosen as the method for controlling the entire project and all development tasks. The central tool for task management is JIRA software. The individual tasks are entered, released and divided into sprints together with the estimated processing time.
  • Using cloud-based documentation software, the customer can follow the development work virtually in real time. Every three minutes automatically generated screenshots show the programmer’s work content and progress. His work is thus documented and invoiced to the minute.

The actual work process is structured as follows:

  • The coordinator and customer plan the individual tasks and sprints together with the developer.
  • The customer checks the developer’s estimated working time for each sprint and releases the sprints. Should the customer’s assessment differ from that of the developer in individual cases, the mutual expectations are discussed and clarified in a meeting.
  • If all necessary prerequisites are met, the coordinator starts the sprints approved by the customer at the scheduled time.
  • The developer retrieves the pending tasks from JIRA Todo, processes them and then submits them to the coordinator for review.
  • In JIRA Backlog, the coordinator marks completed and reviewed tasks accordingly.
  • Once all the tasks of a sprint have been completed, the developer and coordinator present the result to the customer and obtain their feedback.

The result:

  • The Indian Unity 3d developer delivers results of the highest quality within the agreed time and budget.
  • The customer is very satisfied with the development work carried out, especially when compared to the results achieved in initial, unsatisfactory implementation attempts with developers working on site.
  • Due to the positive results, the project has been expanded and the number of developer hours booked has increased significantly.
  • The development costs are within the given budget framework and noticeably below previous estimates of other service providers.
  • As a mentality bridge, the coordinator of Outsourcing4work ensures a smooth cooperation in the partnership and relieves the customer of any organisational, administrative or unnecessary content work.

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    Reach our goal together

    As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.


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