IT system administrators from India: outsourcing saves costs

A traditional IT system administrator is responsible for ensuring that the IT systems run smoothly, securely and without any interruptions. They are a very important role in companies and institutions, and just like in other fields, the IT system administrator role has undergone a major change over the last few years. The reason behind this? The rapid growth of the internet.

While earlier you could hire one or just a few IT system administrators for the entire infrastructure (i.e. managing all hardware and software products), this is now no longer the case. IT management now deals with many different types of hardware, various application software, server work, cloud management and works with a number of online tools and service, in addition to many other tasks.

Today’s IT system administrators

Purely hardware-related work is usually outsourced to local service companies which ensure uninterrupted and error-free operation and replace any defective hardware. There are other highly specialised IT administrators for individual software solutions in the office, data centre or in the cloud. Depending on the company and the field of application, individual specialists will take over specific tasks, as long as they have the necessary expertise.

The larger the company, the more likely it is that they can hire their own IT administrators for individual areas. If the IT administrator is experienced in several key technologies at a high level, they can manage multiple areas at the same time.

Outsourcing an IT system administrator: targeted savings

Outsourcing comes into play when the management of an IT system can be done entirely online. And thanks to the increase in cloud technology, this now applies to many IT systems.

Cloud services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) are quickly taking hold in companies due to costs. When changing over to a cloud service, an IT administrator will need to have different qualifications, qualifications that previous IT administrators might not have. You can either bring your own IT department up to date with training and certifications, or you can hire new qualified employees.

The relevant expert knowledge will always be necessary no matter what your chosen strategy is or the complexity of the implementation. Sometimes it’s enough to hire a suitable administrator for only a temporary period of time. In both cases, you can definitely save money by hiring professionals from countries such as India.

Many major corporations and international companies have realised this, and rely on virtual IT system administrators. Virtualisation and the needs-based scaling of IT infrastructure in the cloud (IaaS) is a quickly growing business.

Decentralized IT employees not only have the advantage of cost savings, but it is much easier to organise need-basedround the clock service. Various providers from India offer packages that will suit your needs.

How to find an outsourcing IT administrator in India

Thanks to its large population and many years active service in the IT industry, India offers excellent workers who specialise in all areas of technology. In the country well-known for its excellent IT professionals, you will easily find a suitable expert in every area, including experience and certifications from large IT companies like Microsoft, who also officially confirm the expertise.

outsourcing4work can help you quickly find the right IT system administrator for your needs. We have many years of experience in the procurement of India staff and have a large network of partners with professionals in all areas. In addition to procurement, we also take over important coordination activities and use our own Scrum project managers who will accompany you throughout the entire project phase. You conclude the contract directly with us as a European company.

SQL outsourcing to India lowers your costs

You can save a lot of money with SQL outsourcing to offshore destinations, and can even integrate a remote SQL professional into existing teams of administrators or developers. Since SQL fulfils a more supportive function in web applications, many tasks require a high level of expertise. In comparison to traditional development, many steps are standardized and do not need as much creativity.

Therefore, SQL outsourcing is often used for the installation, maintenance or extension of a complex database setup. Other tasks which are less complicated and repetitive can be done by employees with basic SQL knowledge.

MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server – the market leaders for SQL outsourcing

You will need to distinguish between the database language itself and the respective database software when speaking about SQL. Although the syntax between the two individual systems is nearly identical, and generally follows the official standards, SQL professionals require significantly more knowledge. SQL database systems are powerful and complex products whose installation, operating and maintenance must be learned.

As a look at DB Engines shows, MySQL is the most commonly used SQL database, followed by Microsoft SQL Server. PostgreSQL is on place three and is significantly less popular. In addition, there are a number of rarely used alternatives such as Spark SQL, HyperSQL, SAP SQL Anywhere, MemSQL, mSQL, SQLBase, NonStop SQL and many more. Each of these systems has its own special features and advantages which can be implemented for specific purposes.

MySQL is the most popular SQL variant and the unofficial standard for web applications. MySQL ensures the data management (even on a larger scale) in the background of web-based services such as WordPress or Facebook. A MySQL professional will also be experienced in the LAMP Stack, in addition to pure programming skills. LAMP stands for the combined use of Linux as an operating system, Apache as the web server, MySQL as database software and PHP as the programming language for the web application. In order to get the most out of MySQL, customisations to the Linux system and the hardware being used play a special role.

On the other hand, Microsoft SQL outsourcing requires completely different skills. A good Microsoft SQL developer have a lot of experience with Windows Server and the .NET Framework, rather than the LAMP Stack. Microsoft SQL Server is now also available for Linux. However, Linux customisations with Microsoft SQL Server remain the exception.

Microsoft SQL outsourcing focuses more on in-depth knowledge on the interaction between Windows and other Microsoft software components. The main reason that Microsoft SQL is used, rather than MySQL, is the good interlinking ability with other Microsoft products.

SQL outsourcing to India

No matter if you are looking for MySQL, Microsoft SQL or any other SQL database: the Indian IT sector is so large and varied that you can easily find a specialist for any area, even those which have hard-to-find specialists in Europe. The country has become the world’s leading IT services provider and is now profiting from investments that go back more than 25 years. The low level of salaries, a relatively Western outlook and its huge population are huge advantages for India. No other country provides as many IT professionals for outsourcing.

If a company is using Indian workers for the first time, they are often unsure and full of questions. How do you find the right profile? What references should I look out for? What prices are reasonable? How will collaboration over distance work?

This is where outsourcing4work comes in. We are specialised in the procurement of Indian IT professionals for European companies, and thanks to our many years of experience we have the right answer for every question. If you are looking for an SQL developer from India, we can easily find the right profile to suit your needs.

We also don’t leave you alone once we have find you the right employees, but with our own project managers we will take over project coordination, thus ensuring your project’s success. Because you conclude the contract directly with us as a European country, you are guaranteed proper implementation and legal certainty.

Creating a company homepage: save with outsourcing

These days, creating a company homepage is a must for every professional company. Web developers have a variety of approaches to use technologically and in the creation of a homepage. As far as which approach is the best depends on the intended online presence.

Create a company homepage with the help of a content management system

Nowadays, most company websites use a content management system (CMS, which lets you create and manage content on a site with an easy-to-use interface. Once the design and dynamic functions are set they remain untouched. New content appears on predetermined areas or as standalone pages and important basic elements such as graphics, menus, sidebars, and the general design are set uniformly for the whole website.

Open source systems WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Typo3 are the market leaders in this field. WordPress plays a special role among the various CMS, as no other interface is used as often, as can be seen in the statistics from the independent service W3Techs.

26.3% of all global-operated websites run on WordPress. If you only take CMS-based websites into account, that translates to a market share of 60%. Joomla is the second most used system with 2.7% or 6.1% among CMS-based sites. This is a significant difference between the two. The other systems rank closer in terms of market share: Drupal (2.6%), Magento (Onlineshop CMS; 1.3%), Blogger (1.2%), Typo3 (0.7%) and Bitrix (0.6%) are all CMS that let you create a website without any programming skills, just like WordPress.

Creating a company homepage: entirely custom development

Complete code-based website development is now mainly used for complex online presences with special effects and functions. Adobe Dreamweaver was once the market leader for website development, but is currently used for less than one percent of all websites.

If one has a developer completely design a company website, a developer really only creates those features, designs and effects that cannot be realised with a CMS. PHP, in combination with CSS, JavaScript, HTML and other techniques, is generally the programming language used. PHP web applications usually generate lots of dynamic content for a specific user at one moment. The computational work is performed primarily on the web server while an SQL database is generally used for the necessary data management.

Web developers therefore must be well-experienced in an entire set of complicated technologies. Proprietary web application development is generally very lengthy and is rarely worthwhile for company homepages.

WordPress and Co. – Usually the right choice

Almost anyone who wants to create a company homepage uses a CMS. WordPress and its competitors will provide a functional basic structure for a website which includes a convenient backend for managing the site and publishing content. A custom development will need to create this backend at the same time as the website.

Themes and templates are used for the frontend design and specify the appearance and the arrangement of the articles, pages and all other visible elements. Additional features that are not necessary for every website can be added with the help of plugins.

A CMS can be easily integrated into other pages, such as static pages created by hand or by visually linked external pages in the basic structure.

Creating an affordable company homepage

You can easily find affordable web developers and CMS professionals in India who cost a fraction of cost of their European colleagues. outsourcing4work is specialised in this type of outsourcing professionals and can find you a suitable web agency with good references for your project.

We have many years of experience in the CMS field and can advise you on the necessary technology for your project. With us, you independently choose your own specific approach, and we stay by your side during development. We, and our own Scrum project managers who are well-versed in working with India, will ensure that the project is successfully implemented according to your specifications. In addition, you conclude the contract directly with us as a European company – a further advantage.

Drupal outsourcing: save money despite the high demand

Companies like to use Drupal outsourcing to create complex business websites. Like WordPress and Joomla, Drupal is an open source content management system. In comparison to its two main competitors, Drupal is used less by regular, everyday bloggers and instead by more companies and organisations.

Some of Drupal’s advantages include the lower use of resources on web servers, the reduced vulnerability to cyber-attacks, the good feasibility of 2.0 features from the community/web and the especially flexible rights management.

This is why you can find the White House, the Economist, Greenpeace and the Arabic new channel Al Jazeera among the most well-known Drupal websites.

Drupal outsourcing instead of unprofessional hobbyists

While WordPress is easy for the uninitiated (such as the easy setup without any specialist knowledge), Drupal is not. There are no five-minute installations like WordPress, and no pre-installed WYSIWYG Editor. In addition, the amount of available design templates and plugins to retrofit various features is very limited with Drupal.

A truly professional website that uses the CMS cannot be so easily created. And this is where Drupal outsourcing comes into play: Providers specialised in Drupal outsourcing generally also take on the development of custom templates and plugins to meet the customer’s wishes exactly.

But how can you find the right Drupal outsourcing provider with the necessary know-how? Here are a few tips on what to look for when Drupal outsourcing.

What is important when Drupal outsourcing

Make sure that you place value in the good references of a Drupal agency. Real Drupal professionals can prove their expertise through numerous successful contracts. These references are easy to access online – excepting those areas that are password protected of course.

Another important factor is the amount of commercial plugins and Drupal themes to be used. If the Drupal outsourcing agency needs to develop many areas themselves, then you should make sure an agency has the corresponding expertise when you select them. Make sure you also keep in mind that any dependencies and future costs that might arise later, as nearly every website will need to be updated at some point for new features or security reasons.

Have the back-end be one of the sample pages developed by the Drupal agency. There are also numerous design options available in the user interface that will make the future maintenance as simple as possible. Functionality, transparency and design play an important role.

Ask for an estimate as closely as possible with fixed prices for individual tasks of the project. Paying on an hourly basis can quickly turn your project into a money pit. Only experienced Drupal agencies can make you an accurate quote.

Drupal outsourcing to India

A Drupal agency from India will help you keep your development costs as low as possible. The Asian countries offers excellent professionals in all areas of IT, and this also applies to Drupal Generally, they also only cost a fraction of the price of their European counterparts.

outsourcing4work can provide you with these types of professional Drupal providers from India. We have many years of experience in the area of CMS development, and have an extensive partner network in the Asian country with many highly qualified Drupal developers.

We have the right contacts for you, no matter if you are looking for an individual Drupal developer or an entire Drupal agency. We have the right contacts for whatever you need.

You won’t need to worry about the contracts or project management across distance with us either. You conclude the contract directly with us as a European company. Our Scrum project managers ensure the successful implementation of your proper implementation and the optimal communication between everyone involved.

App development in India: why outsourcing is so popular

Developing an app in India is a lucrative combination of highly qualified IT professionals and low salaries, and clients of all sizes benefit from it. Over the last two decades the country has developed into the world’s largest IT outsourcing provider and offers a huge range of excellent app developers for Android, iOS, Java, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry, or for desktops, servers and embedded apps.

You can easily find outsourcing app developers for complex systems or ones with small market shares in India.

Affordable app development: India gets it done

Companies that usually have high costs for app development can reduce them to a fraction of that sum with clever outsourcing. App development in India plays a key role in the IT strategy of all large IT corporations, and this has been true for many years.

Did you know that IBM employs more than 150,000 employees in India? In addition, Accenture has 80,000 and Oracle more than 31,000 employees. And search engine giant Google, still a relatively young company, already employs more workers in India than in any other foreign location.

India is also especially important for Android strategy – the US company has recently began a partnership with 20 Indian universities with the goal of training two million Android developers in just three years. You read that right – two million! However, when you compare this figure to India’s population of 1 billion, this number does not seem as daunting.

Reliable app development in India

Small and mid-sized enterprises that can’t afford their own location in India like to rely on the numerous outsourcing agencies in India for app development. However, newcomers can find it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

As a European company, outsourcing4work offers a quality and service-oriented approach with its large network of Indian partners. We provide companies with reliable and professional Indian app developers. These developers do not only have all the necessary qualifications to create an app, but also have lots of experience in outsourcing for offshore clients.

In addition, rather than leaving you alone after finding the right developer, our Agile/Scrum project managers will look after the project to ensure smooth cooperation between all parties. You also conclude the contract directly with us, and we then take care of all the details. This saves you any bureaucratic headaches, and also ensures your legal certainty.

Linux admin from India: inexpensive virtual Linux professional

An experienced Linux admin knows a lot and must continually further educate themselves. This is due to the fact that despite its popularity, Linux requires a lot of special knowledge in the professional sector. Bash user input, user administration, package services and core compilation are not simple tasks. Therefore, a good Linux admin is understandably expensive.

Linux has established itself as the leading system in the server field, which has resulted in a widespread demand for Linux admins. The trend of storing IT infrastructure in the cloud or in nearby data centres has also ensured an increasing demand for specialised Linux staff.

The Linux servers or single computer system are then administered from afar, which is no problem thanks to the good networking capabilities and excellent user and rights administration. A remote Linux administrator as an affordable outsourcing specialist is therefore a good chance to keep an eye on your costs, and to also have access to extensive expertise at the same time.

Linux admin as an external service provider

An experienced Linux admin can be easily found in the IT outsourcing sector. There are many different providers with various specialisations for very specific distributions and applications.

Linux admins are also frequently used for web server support. What we now refer to as websites are often complex PHP web applications that run server-side with the help of LAMP Stacks. A LAMP Stack is the combined and optimised use of Linux for the operating system, the open source web server Apache, MySQL as server side database software and PHP as the programming language. Currently, around 82% of all web applications run on a PHP basis and almost always on Linux systems. You can find a good Linux admin all over the world.

Linux admins are also increasingly being sought after outside of web hostings as well. In addition to its traditional Windows systems, Microsoft also offers a wide range of Linux distributions under its cloud platform Azure with CentOS, Debian, Red Hat, SUSE Linux, Oracle Linux and openSUSE, which can be easily used online as a virtual server. If you use cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure or providers like Amazon AWS, a Linux administrator with the appropriate knowledge the corresponding interfaces is the right choice to ensure that the interaction between the cloud interface and Linux system works perfectly.

Find a Linux admin from India

India is well-known for its excellently trained IT experts in all areas, and also has very low wage levels. The country is not the leading provider of IT outsourcing services for nothing. More than 55% of all global IT outsourcing activities are carried out in India.

If you are interested in an Indian Linux admin, outsourcing4work can help you further in an uncomplicated and professional manner. This also applies to less common Linux distributions which can be hard to find a professional for in Europe.

We provide IT professionals for projects of every size and as your European contract partner, we will take over the responsibility for smooth collaboration. Our project managers are trained in Scrum/Agile methodology and will take over responsibility for the virtual project management. They will assist you in integrating your Indian Linux admins seamlessly into existing teams and workflows.

Sage outsourcing: expertise on demand at unbeatably low rates

For small and mid-sized companies Sage outsourcing is a way to get the most out of their Sage products. This is particularly true if they do not have their own in-house Sage expert due to the limited size of the company.

Sage software plays an especially important role in the mid-sized company ranges: they make up Sage’s main clientele, as opposed to SAP whose clients are large companies.

Sage outsourcing according to product

Sage has a number of software solutions which have their own individual certifications. In Sage University IT professionals can gain the knowledge they need for Sage X3, Sage CRM, Sage HRMS, Sage Timeslips and Sage Estimating and have this confirmed directly by the company after passing an exam. Sage One, Sage 50, Sage 100 / Sage 100c, Sage 300 and Sage 500 are very similar products and also have their own training programs. These are offered all around the world – either from Sage itself or by strictly vetted partners.

This means that you can easily find qualified Sage outsourcing providers around the world. These include both individual IT professionals who are specialised in Sage products and larger agencies for business software who also cover a range of other similar products in addition to Sage.

If you use offshore professionals for Sage outsourcing, you can save on the typically high costs. Software developers in India often offer their services at a fraction of the cost of their counterparts in Europe.

Sage outsourcing to India: we can help

If you are looking for an Indian expert for Sage outsourcing but have no experience in outsourcing, we can help you with our comprehensive approach. outsourcing4work can provide you with experienced Sage developers from India, along with our professional services. We employ our own Scrum project managers who are experienced in coordination at a distance and state of the art technology, and who are familiar with intercultural differences in mentality.

Our Scrum professionals will assist you throughout the entire project phase, no matter if it is a project at a fixed price, temporary employees or a dedicated long-term team. You will also not need to worry about contracts and payment: you simply conclude the contract directly with us as a European company and we then take care of the rest. This lets you easily avoid any bureaucratic and tax obstacles, but still benefit from the cost advantages of Sage outsourcing to Indian IT professionals.

JavaScript outsourcing: how to save with Indian developers

JavaScript outsourcing lets you bring specialised JavaScript expertise in-house and take the load off your own developers. Since the scripting language is constantly evolving, this keeps you up-to-date and lets you realise compatible JavaScript programs easier with various JavaScript engines.

JavaScript outsourcing for different areas

Today’s web developers are experienced in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, in addition to a mix of various languages. Although earlier the focus was on developing static websites, nowadays complex web applications are the main point of interest. These are not limited to code running in a browser, but are often a complex part of the server.

JavaScript outsourcing is especially interesting for these server-based implementations, such as for Node-Server as JScript or JScript.NET in an ASP or ASP.NET environment on Microsoft Internet Information Services.

The scripting language is also used for games and application programs which only contain a few objects in its language core. This means there is no complex interpreter required to run scripts in JavaScript.

This aspect makes JavaScript a good solution as a language for databases or microcontrollers. The popular database MongoDB is a prime example of this.

JavaScript outsourcing and ECMA compliance

JavaScript can no longer be considered a closed language. This is particularly relevant for dynamic webpages, and the so-called browser wars led to aggressive, cut-throat competition in which first Microsoft and much later Google expanded upon the JavaScript core with modified JavaScript engines.

In the meantime, ECMAScript specification has come into being, which simultaneously acts as the successor for the last official JavaScript Version 1.8.5. ECMA International provides an independent non-profit organisation for the further development of a uniform standard – ECMAScript.

A JavaScript developer needs to continuously further educate themselves in order to use the newest JavaScript techniques, and take into account the lagging ECMAScript support of various web browsers during web implementations. The bandwidth of available web browsers has significantly increased in the last year thanks to new devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart-TVs and online-enabled game consoles. Therefore, wide-ranging experience in ECMAScript plays an important role in JavaScript outsourcing.

JavaScript outsourcing by Indian developers

Indian developers are a good choice for targeted JavaScript outsourcing since highly qualified and affordable providers with many years of experience are easy to find in the Asian country.

India has a very special role when it comes to IT outsourcing. India started investing in IT much earlier than any other country – also with educational support which created many IT related degree programs, as well as building research centres. It has really paid off for India in terms of IT outsourcing.

India has been the world’s largest exporter of IT services since 2005, and currently has a market share of 55% of the global outsourcing market.

JavaScript outsourcing to Indian professionals is therefore a good solution for specific areas such as server-side implementations or in microcontrollers, since it is easy to find a suitable specialist in India.

If you would like to take advantage of JavaScript outsourcing, we at outsourcing4work can help you in your search. Thanks to our many years of experience on the Indian outsourcing market we know exactly how to find a specific profile and the best provider.

In addition, we employ our own project managers who work with Agile/Scrum who will take over a large part of the coordination and significantly facilitate communication with the Indian developers. As your European contract partner, we assume the responsibility to ensure that everything runs according to your expectations. We also offer various models of employment: JavaScript outsourcing at a fixed price or on an hourly basis. Simply choose what fits your project best.

Web shop outsourcing: worthwhile for both small and large projects

Web shop outsourcing is used by both small and large online shop operators. The initial start-up of an online shop requires a lot of know-how and generally is better left in the hands of specialised agencies rather than in-house. Giving the job to a company’s own IT department rarely makes sense, and is almost always more expensive.

If you use web shop outsourcing, you should first have informed yourself on the various shop systems to avoid the infamous ‘pig in a poke’. Nowadays, there is a huge selection which can seem confusing at first glance, however a look at the market will quickly show which products are the market leaders. Technically, two approaches can be seen: web approaches for CMS systems and standalone shop software.

Web shop outsourcing for traditional CMS systems

This approach becomes interesting if you already use a complexly constructed CMS. This is especially true of very content-heavy online presences in which the web shop represents more of an add-on and the product range is not very extensive.

WordPress, as the most widely-used CMS by far, plays the leading role here. WordPress has the popular shop system add-on WooCommerce which is suitable for more sophisticated online shops. wpShopGermany, GetShopped, Jigoshop, Shopp and other expansions are also suitable alternatives.

Web shop outsourcing with professional shop software

If the online shop is the focus, rather than the content, then professional shop systems are usually the best choice. They can cope with large amounts of views and offer a variety of special features and customisation options that are not found in CMS approaches.

The undisputed market leader in this segment is the free shop system Magento. Behind the software hides eBay, one of the largest e-commerce provider, which is reflected in Magento’s high quality. No other online shop is used more frequently worldwide. You can’t go wrong by using Magento during web shop outsourcing.

However, there is also a wide range of alternatives here. This includes other approaches than Magento and younger products will often shine with innovative approaches. Better known Magento-alternatives include Shopify, Volusion, PrestaShop or BigCommerce. Intershop has been around since the first dot-com stock-market bubble on the market – also a very mature and well thought out solution.

Web shop outsourcing to India: take advantage of cost savings

Since web shop outsourcing is almost entirely done remotely, commissioning IT professionals from India is a good way to reduce costs. And because all established web shop systems are used worldwide, you will also easily find specialised professionals there – just a bit cheaper. Once you have correctly addressed the matter, the development costs can be reduced to a fraction of what they were.

If you are interested in web shop outsourcing providers from India, we at outsourcing4work are the perfect contact partner. We have many years of experience with CMS and e-commerce software and will easily find the right partner for your needs from our large network.

We can provide you with professional service providers who can set up WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal Commerce, Shopify or other systems perfectly for you, and can also develop extension programs for your online store.

We have a suitable option for every scenario with different contract models: projects at a fixed-price, temporary employees or complete exclusive teams who only work on your project. We ensure smooth implementation with our own Scrum project managers. This leaves you with a free head for more important things. Since you conclude the contract with us as a European company it also reduces your overhead and increases your legal certainty.

Available developers from India: outsourcing for the budget-conscious

Are you looking for an available developer for a new software project? Then you have probably already noticed just how much effort it can take to find the right person without paying exorbitant fees. Unfortunately, the entire IT market has been suffering from a shortage of skilled professionals for years, and available developers are no exception.

If you believe IT industry association BITKOM, this is not expected to change anytime soon. The student and graduate numbers in IT courses are too low, and the restrictive immigration policy in many countries reduces the number of top staff from other, non-European, countries.

While policy is slow to change, the cross-border global outsourcing market for IT is starting to grow in popularity. Many companies are recognising a worthwhile alternative in employing remote working experts.

Why available developers from India are so popular

India has a very special role when it comes to IT services. The tech-savvy country started investing in its IT economy much earlier than other countries. This includes a focus on promoting education through many IT-related degree programs and funding research centres.

The data shows just how well this policy has paid off for India. In 2013, over 28% of India’s GDP was through services. In 2014 this number was over 50% and India took over the position of some EU countries such as Poland. India has been the world’s largest exporter of IT services since 2005, and currently has a market share of 55% of the global outsourcing market.

You can also find Indian software developers outside of India. Leading technology companies around the world have Indian employees in their core workforce. The current CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, is a shining example of this.

It is no longer a secret that you can find good available developers in India. And as the booming Indian outsourcing sector suggests, thousands of available developers from India are already cooperating on international projects.

How to find available developers from India

If you would like to hire a remote worker from India but do not have any experience with offshore outsourcing, we can help. outsourcing4work can provide you with available developers from India for Java, C/C++/C#, PHP, Python or any other programming language.

Thanks to our many years of experience on the Indian outsourcing market we know exactly how to find a specific profile and the best provider. With our help you can hire an Indian developer for the complete development of new software, buy targeted expertise for specific issues or integrate individual professionals into existing local teams.

We employ our own project managers who work with Agile/Scrum who will take over a large part of the coordination and significantly facilitate communication with the Indian developers.

Depending on your needs you can choose from a project at a fixed price or a time-based billing, and with our help you can also hire a team of Indian developers to work exclusively for you.