VirtueMart is software for web shops with many possibilities

VirtueMart is an open source shop system that is notable for its flexibility and ease of use. It runs as a component of the content management system Joomla and offers good conditions for a future-oriented online shop with additional extensions. The open source shop system is supported by a large network of professional service providers, as well as its developer community. VirtueMart is free to use, modular and extendable. VirtueMart can be used for selling virtual products like downloads. Clients can subscribe to products and categories as an RSS feed.

VirtueMart is easy to handle and manage

VirtueMart meets the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises with a customisable and user friendly shop system. The web shop software can be used for a large online shop or private websites, in addition to offering a small amount of goods to visitors. It offers various functions for the sale of tangible and virtual goods and services, as well as a catalogue to use.

VirtueMart’s interface is easy to use and manage. Numerous extensions for VirtueMart allow a wide variety of features. Many extensions are free and can be easily installed through a simple upload in the back end. In this way, every company can get the right tool for its needs. The user can make various settings for each product and individually highlight them. It is also possible to customise the size and colour of the header and add sales descriptions. In some cases, it is also possible to apply discount for individual products or for groups of users. The software enables individual settings of the discount as a fixed price or as a percentage, or for a temporary or unlimited time period.

English is the default language for VirtueMart, but it is also available in German. You can add on more language packs for more translations. Just like VirtueMart, the language packs are available free of charge.

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