SharePoint is a communication platform for teams

SharePoint is a flexible organisation and communication platform from Microsoft. As a web portal, it enables company-specific solutions – such as for intranets or extranets – to be built in the areas of cooperation (manage and edit projects, and the coordination of tasks), document management and the distribution of knowledge, and to optimise business processes in this way. To do this, they must be adapted to the needs of the company or of each division who will be working with them.

SharePoint implements a central document repository with versioning and research, dissemination of information and search, as well as the rapid development of databases. Employees can be easily and quickly supplied with information. In addition, SharePoint makes it possible to set up team sites, which facilitates cooperation among virtual teams. It is also possible to set up discussion groups and blogs. Other Microsoft programs like Word, Excel and Outlook can be integrated.

SharePoint facilitates networking in companies

The various SharePoint solutions such as intranet and extranet offer many advantage, such as the fact that content can be used several times. SharePoint facilitates the cooperation across company boundaries, as well as a functionality that goes beyond a normal content management system: this lets clients and partners be integrated efficiently into processes. Part of the support is also covered with a customer forum. In addition, tools from a third party can be easily integrated through the extendibility of the technology.

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