OpenERP is enterprise software with a broad field of application

OpenERP is a web-based enterprise software which is an open source alternative to Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, Sugar CRM or similar systems. A broad field of application combined with an ease of configuration through an administrator are advantages of the software. Requests such as specific fields or adjustments to specific processes are quickly configured and able to be used within a short time in day-to-day business.

The system is available as open source software. There are no license fees for the operator, and the program code is freely accessible. It is possible to make adjustments in the code or in the development of modules that are tailored to your specific needs.

OpenERP allows the integration of one’s own sales phases, simple evaluations and overviews, importing contacts from LinkedIn, the integration of email and creation of leads and contacts from emails and campaigns. It is also possible to have a table top optimised casher interface for store sales, connected to customer data, inventory management and automatic supplier orders. OpenERP lets you organise tasks and projects, assign tasks to different employees and time recording. It is also helpful for creating bookings, connecting to other modules like a checkout and integrating orders and sales for accounting.

There are also further modules available, such as events fleet management, for the integration of Google Drive, payroll, a knowledge base or a client portal.

The individual data span across modules so the current projects and help desk tickets, as well as the data of accounts payable and receivable can be found in the CRM of the customer’s company.

OpenERP is now called Odoo

OpenERP S.A., the company behind OpenERP, changed the name of the open source ERP to Odoo in 2014. This was due to the new features and the new positioning of the system as a business app suite.

The newest modules (including a website toolkit), which are now referred to as apps, and the latest developments go above and beyond the traditional ERP system. The original name of the ERP system is Tiny ERP and was renamed OpenERP in 2011 with the release of version 6.0. Version 8.0, which brings a new base functionality with it, is continued under the new name Odoo.

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