Laravel Framework

Laravel framework is a web application framework

Laravel framework – similar to CodeIgniter – is a PHP framework which is used to create web applications. It is easy to use thanks to its simple syntax; users can start straight away with writing their first small test programs. What sets Laravel framework apart from the rest of the frameworks on offer? You will first need to take a look at PHP: although PHP is considered to be a standard for web development, many web developers have changed to languages like Python or Ruby. The Laravel framework is the PHP framework of the new generation.

Taylor Otwell is the developer behind Laravel. He drew inspiration from other frameworks and languages such as Rails, Sinatra and .NET, and tried to bring the benefits of these frameworks into the PHP world. In addition, Laravel framework is constantly further developing.

Laravel framework offers beginners a large and growing community

The Laravel framework has realised the integration of composer. Composer is a dependency manager for PHP and is an essential part of PHP development. Laravel framework also contains migration. Migration is a versioning from database schema changes. Up until now, changes needed to be exchanged between developers involved in the project. Often SQL files were sent back and forth by mail, which mean that any developer could bring their local development base up to speed. This is now over, thanks to migration. Database changes are recorded in individual files and can be run on their own or undone. The Laravel framework will provide which migration has already been brought in and what is still missing. A further advantage of Laravel framework: template engines like Smarty have existed for some time, and are indispensable in web development. Laravel framework has its own template engine called Blade. Tests are also required in the PHP world, therefore Laravel framework is based on the requirement that everything in Laravel can be tested. In addition, Laravel framework has its own PHP Unit test methods to simplify the testing of programs.

The community behind Laravel framework is constantly growing. Laravel framework’s syntax is simple and appealing, comments in the source code are largely dispensed with because the syntax speaks for itself and working with Laravel framework is easy and enjoyable.

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