Informix is a database management system from IBM

IBM Informix is a system to manage relational databases and runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX and Apple Mac OS X platforms. The Informix software offers companies of all sizes applications for online transaction processing and decision support. It provides an integrated data management platform for independent service providers and original equipment manufacturers. There are several different versions of this product.

Informix is offered in different versions: free and for a fee

Informix Ultimate Edition is one of these products (formerly IDS Enterprise Edition): it is suitable for the highest demands and is characterised by performance, scalability and availability. This version is available for all platforms (Linux, UNIX, Windows, Mac). You will need to pay for it, and it contains nearly all of Informix’s functionality. Then there is the Informix Growth Edition (formerly IDS Workgroup Edition): it provides the most important performance features of the Ultimate Edition, and is usually used for system management in mid-sized database applications. It is available for Linux and UNIX platforms. You will need to pay for it, and it offers an attractive, flexible price and licensing model. The Informix Express Edition is a low-cost version, used in smaller work environments, and is the starting database for the Informix product line. Informix Express Edition also charges a fee, and offers an attractive, flexible price and licensing model. The Informix Choice Edition (formerly Ultimate C-Edition) is also suitable for Windows and Mac platforms. It can be used for production operations for a fee. The Innovator C-Edition is suitable for Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac Platforms. It can be used for development and for production operation for free. It has significant limitations in terms of functionality and in the area of HA features, and supports a maximum of two GB main memory as well as a processor socket with up to four cores. And finally the Informix Developer Edition: since it is available free of charge, and supports the development of Informix applications on all major platforms. It is limited to a number of users, good for 30 days and should not be used in production environments.

The fee-based Informix Editions Ultimate, Growth, Choice and Express should only be acquired with maintenance. The free version of Innovator C includes community support via an online forum. Support can then be optionally purchased for it.

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