Dolphin is a software program for Gamecube and Wii

The open source software program Dolphin Emulator emulates the Nintendo consoles Gamecube and Wii – this means that it imitates the functions of one computer on another – so that users can experience games for these platforms on their computer as well. In addition, Dolphin upgrades the appearance of some older games. A prerequisite for users is that they own the images (ROMs) of the original games.

Existing ROMs can be opened together with the software and started directly. Scores can be saved and loaded at any time during the game. Dolphin can bring a wide range of Wii and Gamecube games to run, and it constantly further developed. You can find a list of supported games which is as exact as possible on Dolphin’s official website. In 2008 the Dolphin team released the source code for the software.

Dolphin is constantly evolving and optimised for quality

Dolphin can currently sometimes play games in HD resolutions. In the package there is also support for the original Wiimote and Nunchuck controller, which can be connected to the PC via Bluetooth. In addition to the Windows version, there are also versions for Linux and Mac.

You can find further information on Dolphin on Wikipedia:

and on the official Dolphin Emulator website: