AngularJS is an open source framework from Google

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that you can build web applications with. It was developed by Google and is suitable for creating websites. Google offers AngularJS for free under the MIT license. AngularJS is an open source framework that enables bidirectional data connection between HTML and JavaScript and structures the basic construction of web applications. This means that AngularJS was created with the goal of making HMTL more suitable for web apps. AngularJS makes HTML more dynamic and can respond to user input in a limited sense.

The most important feature of AngularJS is the ability to define your own HTML elements and HTML attributes which are available in the web application as standalone components. It is a bridge between developers and designers and lets the HTML semantics be expanded according to your own ideas.

AngularJS code is readable and understandable

AngularJS has a further big advantage: AngularJS code is short, readable and, above all, understandable. This changes with the increasing complexity of the application, yet the readability within the HTML file is much better than a pure JavaScript implementation. Of course, you can’t do without JavaScript in AngularJS. It is more often outsourced and once again incorporated in the form of a controller for single web app functionality in the usual way via a script tag. JavaScript modules are available to connect to cloud databases. Complex building blocks for multiple reuse and sharing with other web workers are packed in components.

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