Content management systems and outsourcing: your own affordable website

Content management systems (CMS) have become the dominant platform for websites over the last fifteen years. Thanks to them, the traditional web designer profession of creating a website with an HTML editor (such as Adobe Dreamweaver) has nearly died out. Instead, web designers are nowadays responsible for setting up content management systems. Web developers who […]

Outsourcing to WWF Developers for .NET Projects

WWF developers specialise in Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF, WF or even WinWF). The programming library has belonged to Microsoft’s .NET technology group since .NET 3.0, and assists in the development of program-controlled and complex workflows. It makes declarative programming possible, which puts the description of a problem into the forefront. This is in contrast to […]

MVC developers from India: MVC frameworks and web applications under control

MVC developers are experts in complex and interactive web applications on the basis of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Due to JavaScript’s weakness when it comes to high-quality, stable and maintainable code at the same time, MVC developers use MVC frameworks in addition. These are libraries that can be used in addition to JavaScript in web […]

Outsourcing for Informix Developers: Database Expertise Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Informix developers set up databases based on popular systems, develop applications and help evaluate information and make it available for data management. Informix is one of the most widely used relational databases, with more than 200,000 installations worldwide. After the Informix company was taken over by IBM in 2001, the technology giant gradually further developed […]

Visual FoxPro Developers for .NET Migration From India

Visual FoxPro developers are primarily used today for migration or to expand existing systems. The RAD programming environment for data-centric applications was originally developed by Fox Software from 1984 onwards, and later by Microsoft after a takeover in 1992. The last official version was released in 2007, and Microsoft discontinued product support at the beginning […]