The whole team is behind the disabled boss in Groß-Gerau, emphasizes Stöcker. “The illness takes all of his energy out of him,” she says. “He usually has a scarf over his head to cover his eyes and not use up too much energy. But he is highly motivated. We always communicate very briefly. Sometimes it takes two days for him to recover. ”Arif answers questions from this newspaper in writing. “Today, I often can’t go out of the house for months and lie in bed most of the time,” he says, describing his situation. “As soon as my health allows it, I start to work until I have to relax again in a very quiet and dark room.”

Nevertheless, the 51-year-old sees himself “in the fortunate position of having meaningful and productive work despite these restrictions. My company has always been my work and also my hobby. ”He is grateful for living“ in the best country in the world ”. Arif also wants to open up opportunities for people in the Pakistani city of Rabwah (Chenab Nagar): With the help of his own foundation, he wants to set up an IT service center there and create 1,000 remote workplaces.