+ specialized in Indian IT experts
+ German coordinators / mentality bridge
+ German contract partners
+ significant cost advantages
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Offshore outsourcing with a quality guarantee and risk protection

outsourcing made in germany

Outsourcing IT projects. This means:

  • External expertise for your business
  • Qualified and professional employees as needed
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Significant cost savings

However, outsourcing can also pose risks such as:

  • Lack of service provider reliability
  • Lack of skills or motivation
  • Legal uncertainties in international cooperation
  • Time zone differences, cultural differences, travel costs (especially in offshore outsourcing)

With outsourcing4work you can enjoy maximum security

  • As a European company, we provide only highly qualified and experienced professionals from India and can attest to their quality.
  • Our project languages are German and English. You choose.
  • Our project managers work in Germany and are personally available at any time.
  • We work with contracts in German or English, based in the European legal system and with risk protection for our clients.
  • Our partners are well-known outsourcing companies in India. With them, we can reach the best professionals on the world’s largest outsourcing-market.
  • We offer very attractive conditions.

Our work and billing models

You will find a description of each model here.

Fixed Price

For projects with pre-arranged project content and time expenditure.
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Dedicated Employees

For full-time or part-time employees of a client.

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Branch (Light)

For teams of 10 or more employees.

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Temporary Employees

For employees contracted for a predetermined amount of time.

See price list and more information below.

Temporary Employees

Hours packages can be booked for the following programming languages and services:

PHP, WordPress, Magento, Software Testing, Network, Design

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If you are looking for a developer for a different programming language, or need a package with more hours, please let us know your requirements. We are pleased to be able to offer you an individual offer:

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FAQ (Temporary Employees)

Should I expect any additional charges?

No. The price for the respective package includes all fees, in addition to the services booked.

How are the working hours of the employees tracked?

Clients have access to our cloud-based collaboration software. It guarantees an exact time measurement to the minute, and creates screenshots of the employee’s screen at short intervals. The work progress can be followed online at any time.

What does “Duration: two months” mean?

Clients can use the booked working hours of their employees as needed flexibly within a period of two months.

Is there a minimum time per day or activity?

No. Clients can distribute their booked working hours freely across the entire duration of the package.

Top quality with security: outsourcing made in germany

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