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With your IT outsourcing provider outsourcing4work, you put together your individual team from a virtually inexhaustible pool of highly qualified software developers. As your experienced partner, we undertake all associated administrative duties for you.

Efficient and accurate: our IT outsourcing models

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IT outsourcing at a fixed price

IT Outsourcing Indien

Not many IT outsourcing service providers offer fixed price projects because either they take on some significant risks, or they are taken on by the client. We at outsourcing4work however create detailed briefings and calculations in advance together with our customers, which enable us to offer a fixed price for many projects. Ask us about your affordable fixed price offers if you would like to realize a manageable risk and a clearly defined project! Take advantage of our experience and benefit from absolute planning security.

IT outsourcing to India with temporary employees

Temporary employees are the ideal solution for customers who require support for a defined period of time. At outsourcing4work you can find experts in virtually every technology and programming language, and you can hire them for periods lasting from a few days to longer. In this way you can quickly and easily benefit from valuable expertise and free capacity for your IT outsourcing, without burdening yourself with organizational duties. We take over the complete administration associated with your employees.

Your advantages:

    • You can cover some or all of your IT needs from a single source.
    • You will not have any hidden costs.
    • The billing is 100% transparent.
    • You will be working with one of the most experience IT outsourcing providers, and exclusively with qualified and knowledgeable software developers.
    • You will realize significant cost savings
Personal-Outsourcing nach Indien

Dedicated employees in India

Dedicated Employees is one of the most effective IT outsourcing models. You hire a dedicated developer and gain access to teams of experts in various software technologies. Enjoy full flexibility with the ability to adjust the required manpower to the changing workload. With this model we offer, depending on your needs, a software developer for 20 hours per week, up to unlimited full day staff.

Dedicated staff can keep your IT outsourcing especially affordable. You will not need to make any compromises on quality. Every team and every software developer is coordinated by a project manager in Europe and managed according to clearly defined responsibilities and priorities. Both will work directly with you and ensure a smooth IT outsourcing process.

Outsourcing nach Indien

Whether developing new software from scratch or making changes or extensions to existing software – outsourcing4work offers you software developers who will realize your project.

Our teams use web-based time tracking and project management software, which allows you, the client, to track the on-going work. As a result, you can always be certain that you will achieve the expected results in the best quality and you will only pay for what you actually need.

Your advantages with IT outsourcing at a glance:

  • Direct communication and a complete overview of your team and the work in progress
  • Maximum flexibility for changing requirements
  • Project and task priority according to your needs
  • Short-term and long-term cost savings
  • In-depth understanding from the software developers and full integration with the employees in your company thanks to long term cooperation

How you choose your employee with

Dedicated Employees and Branch (Light)

Personal Auswahl

IT outsourcing: sustainable cost reduction and

shorter development times

Best results with IT outsourcing

Use our dual source model with the powerful combination of employees in Europe and India. Rely on the security of an established European company which specializes in software development as well as IT outsourcing. Work easily, efficiently and cost-effectively at the same time!

As a further option we off a model called “Branch (Light)” for IT outsourcing to India. With this model you implement your project using your “own” qualified and motivated development team in India as especially low rates.