Windows is an operating system from Microsoft

Windows is an operating system that is installed on most computers. Windows as a name is taken literally for the operating system: it should be a window to the computer. Modern operating systems like Windows work according to the same principle: the operating system automatically starts shortly after turning on the computer, and controls parts of the PC like the processor and graphics card. Windows first appeared in 1985 and since then new versions have been constantly released – Windows 10 is the most recent.

You communicate with your PC with the help of Windows. The operating system acts as an interface between user and computer. Windows ensures that the word processing software can print or the browser gets a connection to the internet, and many features run automatically in the background. Nowadays it is a different and Windows is a credit to its name: there are many windows that represent the individual programs.

Windows is an operating system that is characterised by a graphical user interface that is simple to understand and intuitive. If you would like to trigger a certain computer action as the user, you just click on the corresponding icon. Windows then takes care of the rest. Because Microsoft was one of the first providers of easy-to-use operating systems for the PC, Windows quickly established itself on the market.

Windows ensures that the PC programs work

Microsoft provides some useful programs with Windows XP and Vista, programs that nearly every user needs like music, photo and video software: Media Player, Gallery and Media Center play movies, music and pictures. Windows also offers programs that can edit films. Internet programs are also included with Windows: you can surf the internet with Internet Explorer. Outlook Express, and Windows Main in Vista, lets you send and receive emails. Files and folders can be managed with the Windows Explorer; the Windows Firewall protects against internet attacks. Features such as the security center inform you if the computer is safe and the Windows Updates keeps the computer up-to-date. There are various counterintelligence programs in the latest version of Windows Vista (Windows Defender), and a parental control function for the first time. There is also a user account control only available in Vista. This helps protect against spyware or viruses. Small accessory programs such as sound recording, a simple writing software, a calculator or paint program are also part of the standard scope of Windows. Microsoft has also incorporated speech recognition in Windows Vista to allow the user to control the computer with voice commands.

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