A website is your presence on the internet

A website is an internet presence which is accessible via a domain name – an internet address. The totality of all pages in a domain is referred to as a site – so all pages together make it a website. Specific content is presented to the public on the website. These contents are available around the clock and all over the world. A website generally consists of a home page and several subpages which are controlled by a navigation. Some sides have 100s or 1,000s of subpages.

Websites are written in HTML

Websites are usually written in the markup language HTML. Components in the programming languages PHP, Ajax or Java also come into play. Databases, like MySQL, are used for the storage or processing of data. Websites serve different purposes, and you can realise private or commercial websites. This is the case if individuals want to display their hobbies or passions or companies want to put out a special portfolio on the internet. Websites can also be sales-oriented presences, such as web shops or online stores. There are websites in the form of social networks such as XING, Twitter or LinkedIn or even new services. Community websites can also be added to the list, which are created or maintained by more than one user.

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