Shopify is software for web shops

Shopify is a software that is used by web shop operators and, in contrast to other providers such as osCommerce or Magento, it is not a self-hosted open source software, but instead a hosted ASP solution. ASP means application service provider. The advantages of this solution: installation is not necessary, nor the creation of a database. Shopify has automatic updates, backups to run in the background and in just a few minutes, a new, fully functional Web shop is ready for use.

Shopify also has drawbacks for users, they are not truly “the king of their castle”. Sensitive data needs to be entrusted to third party users, they become dependent, are not able to make changes to the source code and will need to pay monthly service charges. Not to mention, Shopify once declared bankruptcy!

Whoever decides to take the time and have a closer look at Shopify despite their concerns, will discover a small and elegant shop system which can be used intuitively.

Shopify’s quick setup

On the Shopify’s website you can create your own shop after selecting the right service package in just a few steps. In addition to packages you pay for, there is also a free version. Theoretically, it has unlimited usage, but it only allows five products to be set up and lets you receive a total of ten orders. Eventually, one will need to change to a paid subscription.

The various packages differ in the maximum number of products that can be set and in the additional costs for each transaction. Features such as SSL encryption and the use of an own domain are only included in more expensive packages. The free trial version is completely sufficient for the first test of the system, however.

You can find more information on Shopify on Wikipedia:

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