The MS SQL Server is a database server from Microsoft

The Microsoft SQL Server, MS SQL Server for short, is a relational database management system (RDBMS) which is intended for business purposes – a database server from Microsoft. Database servers are for managing large amounts of data, and making them available. Depending on the query sent to the database, the appropriate data will be shown. MS SQL Server uses the SQL variant T-SQL (Transact SQL), which are programming extensions from Sybase and Microsoft, which expands the standard SQL with a range of features, such as transaction control, exception and error handling, line processing and declared variables.

The current version, MS SQL Server 2014, which was called “Hekaton” during the development stage, was released in 2014 and offers high flexibility and scalability, as well as an optimised performance when processing big data and poly-structured data. The term poly-structured data includes unstructured and structured data such as machine generated data like web logs or sensor data. A new in-memory module speeds up many applications that are important to companies. Furthermore, the connection to Microsoft Azure has been improved, thus allowing local applications be migrated to the cloud more easily. The current MS SQL Server has a stronger connection to the cloud than its predecessors. The goal is to simplify to introduction of clouds for SQL databases.


The original code for SQL Server was developed by Sybase. In the late 1980s the first version of the product for OS/2 grew out of a collaboration between Microsoft, Sybase and Ashton-Tate. In 1992, SQL Server 4.2 saw the last release for the operating system. One year later Microsoft brough MS SQL Server 4.21 onto the market, however only for the self-developed Windows NT. Later, Sybase and Microsoft parted ways, and both companies released their own SQL Server software.

The management of database solutions like the MS SQL Server from Microsoft are part of the day-to-day business of IT departments. Microsoft has become especially successful in the last few years, and they have provided the company with above-average growth and wide application scenarios.

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