Developers must be experienced in multiple computer languages

The rapid development of the internet and the spread of personal computers, tablets and smartphones have ensured that there are many developers to be found nowadays. No matter if you work, shop or play online: software-based processes simplify everyday life with just a few clicks. With the newest generation of modern smartphones the internet is always within reach, and with functional apps you can even control your lights when you are away from home, monitor your heart rate and navigate across Europe. In this respect, the needs for professional services in the field of software development is huge, especially as more and more business processes are software-based or supported. Whoever wants to become a freelance developer can secure contracts with the necessary expert knowledge, which brings the developer a high salary and a large amount of independence. These are both the biggest advantages of self-employment in this field. It’s not uncommon for computer professionals to be very successful with their hobby. Many developers have also graduated with a computer science degree.

Developers need technical expertise and the ability to work in a team

Employed developers are sought after experts: software and system houses are just as important for employers as they are for internet companies, public institutions or even the military. Developers usually work in teams where they solve specific software problems or develop software for new requirements. The words programmer and software developer are often used interchangeably. Developers are experienced in computer languages like .NET, Java, C++ , PHP, SQL or HTML to create specific programs with these languages. These programs can then be used for different tasks and functions.

Developers will need technical understanding of relationships in addition to mastering the most important programming languages.

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